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Unsubbed? Want the Children’s Week prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!

wow8 - Unsubbed? Want the Children's Week prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!


Unfortunately you can't get any of the new pets if you're not currently subscribed and have a character at or above level 110. I will only be mentioning what you can get as a level 20 or below character, per my previous guides.

If you're subscribed, WoWhead has a comprehensive guide on how to complete the new Zandalari and Kul Tiran Orphan questlines!


Are you currently unsubbed, but have played WoW long enough to care about holiday items and the Toybox?

Don't wanna pay $15 or the 110k+ gold for a Token just to get some pets you've missed for the past few years, and two balloon toys, no matter how adorable they are?

As luck would have it, you can get some of the rewards on a Veteran's account!

This is a little bit easier to do it on a Veteran's, as they're still allowed to create Allied Race characters and start in the major faction cities and with 20 riding+mounts. Children's Week has a base level requirement of 10.


A character that's level 10 or higher of either faction


A Veteran Starter Account and any Allied Race unlocked (for mount speed and faster completion)

A Mage (always useful, you can learn your other Teleports at 17, making Thunder Bluff/Ironforge much faster to access)


To your local orphanage, of course!

For Horde players, you'll need to enter the Drag and head into a street-level building on the east side, just next to the Engineering shop, to talk to Orphan Matron Battlewail to get started with Grunth the Orc Orphan.

For Alliance players, you'll need to enter the Cathedral District, where Orphan Matron Nightingale is situated in eastern part, inside the overhanging arcways, to get started with Randis the Human Orphan.


Depending on your starting faction, you'll be given a series of quests by your orphan, which you'll accompany them with to have a grand day out. While these quests aren't particularly long, they do require a bit of travel and NPC searching at points.

For Horde, this means:

Ridin' the Rocketway (north to Azshara to ride the Southern way rocket)

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Strong New Allies (to the Embassy in Orgrimmar)

The Fallen Chieftain (to Mulgore/Thunder Bluff, you can take the westernmost zeppelin tower)

You Scream, I Scream.. (for ice cream! talk to Snixx Quickfreeze, a Goblin Mage found just behind the Embassy)

Let's Go Fly a Kite (buy a Dragon Kite 2-pack from Blax Bottlerocket, found wandering the Drag outside the Orphanage)

A Warden of the Horde (buy a Foam Sword Rack from Blax, then return to the Orphan Matron)

For Alliance, this means:

Cruisin' the Chasm (southwest to Westfall, Sentinel Hill for a gyrocopter ride)

Our New Friends (to the Embassy in Stormwind)


The Biggest Diamond Ever (to Ironforge, you can take the Deeprun Tram in Stormwind's Dwarven District)

You Scream, I Scream.. (for ice cream, again! talk to Hans or Bazzil just outside the Blue Recluse in the Mage's Quarter)

Let's Go Fly a Kite (buy a Kite 2-pack from Craggle Wobbletop, found roaming the north road in the Trade District)

A Warden of the Alliance (like Blax, buy a Foam Sword Rack from Craggle, then return to the Orphan Matron)


How long this winds up taking you will heavily depend on a few things: whether or not you're 20 (the cap for Veteran ((unsubbed)) and Starter accounts) and have your mount, if the Tram/Zeppelin for Ironforge/Thunder Bluff arrives on time, etc.

I'd say it'd take you about 10-20 minutes if you're burning through it and know where everything is, a little longer if you get lost on finding Blax or Craggle. Those two do roam, but it's not a long stretch of road, they just move slowly.


Once you've finished the questline, returning to finish the "A Warden of X" quests will grant you a pet of your choice! Keep in mind that you can only do these quests once per holiday season on a character, which means deleting throwaway alts after you're done, or just using those you had at low levels.

Whiskers the Rat

Mr. Wiggles


Scooter the Snail

You also have two inexpensive Balloon Toys that are purchaseable from Blax Bottlerocket and Craggle Wobbletop to add to your collection!

Yellow Balloon

Green Balloon

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If you already have all the pets from doing it years before, you can also pick up the optional Pet Care Package, which is a random goody bag of Battle Pet treats (including Rare Stones!) like Perky Pug costumes and Exp increasing food.

There's also the Curmudgeon's Payoff, but it's a lousy 5g, and with a Starter cap of 10g it'd be worthless.


I love the toybox, and I love battlepets! I love having shiny new things, whether or not they're limited edition or standard-with-the-box. Unfortunately, Children's Week this year only had new pets specific to level 110+ characters, so while I was lucky enough to still be subbed for 48 hours, a lot of people will miss out.

However, if you're still subscribed, I highly recommend doing them as there are four new pets to the roster. Azala, the Zandalari Orphan, also has a particularly amusing questline!

Ultimately these "Unsubbed?" guides will encompass all the holiday events, because if it even helps a single person, even if it's locked out of the shiniest, newest rewards, it was well worth the writeup.

Special thanks to the supporting comments on my Love is in the Air, Lunar Festival, and Noblegarden guides!

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