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Unsubbed? Want the Midsummer Fire Festival prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!

wow4 - Unsubbed? Want the Midsummer Fire Festival prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!

TL;DR – Complete the
7at3Rz8 - Unsubbed? Want the Midsummer Fire Festival prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!HORDE MAP / , coupled with daily quests and the Frost Lord Ahune Dungeon to get enough Blossoms!

The Midsummer Fire Festival is running from June 21st – July 5th so you've got two weeks to get as much as you can!


Are you currently unsubbed, but have played WoW long enough to care about holiday items and the Toybox?

Don't wanna pay $15 or the 120k+ gold for a Token just for a new Hearthstone, or any of the pets and toys you've skipped out on over the past few years?

As luck would have it, you can get all of the rewards on a Starter's or Veteran's account with enough diligence!

I always write these guides with both in mind, but you'll have the easiest time, no competition, if you're a Veteran with the Flight Path Toys and/or Allied Races unlocked before you unsubbed. I sincerely apologize in advance for the sheer wall of text, but Midsummer is one of "those" holidays with a ton to cover. Buckle up!


Any character on either faction, but preferably 20 with Riding to make things smoother


Walking Kalimdor with the Earthmother / Surviving Kalimdor

The Azeroth Campaign /
item=150746 - Unsubbed? Want the Midsummer Fire Festival prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!To Modernize the Provisioning of Azeroth

A fresh Highmountain Druid, Zandalari Druid, or Kul Tiran Druid

Guardian for anti-Daze, stealth+travel/aquatic forms, insta-20 and no-cost Riding)

Any Tank-applicable Allied Race (ie. Dark Iron Dwarf Paladin, Nightborne Warrior) if the above isn't possible for you

^(I don't recommend Mage for Midsummer as it's similar to the Lunar Festival – lots of world travel and little city inter-connectivity)*


YOUR OWN CAPITAL CITIES WILL NOT GIVE YOU BLOSSOMS! They're only for Desecration Quests (opposite faction)!

Direct Link (Kalimdor) //
GIzzDsM - Unsubbed? Want the Midsummer Fire Festival prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!
Direct Link (Eastern Kingdoms)

For Eastern Kingdoms as Horde, use the Orb of Translocation to get from Brill @ step 12 to Silvermoon!

FOR THE ALLIANCE! (Coming soon!)


QuestObjectiveitem=23247 - Unsubbed? Want the Midsummer Fire Festival prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!Burning Blossom Reward
Shards of AhuneKill Frost Lord Ahune (Holiday Boss)20
Twilight's HammerFirst Two Quests Only!10
Maps Completed (Horde)Both Maps without optional paths225
Maps Completed (Horde+)Both Maps Completed320
Maps Completed (Alliance)Both Maps without optional paths
Maps Completed (Alliance+)Both Maps Completed

^(The third quest in Twilight's Hammer unlocks a daily -)* Striking Back – that cannot be completed by a character under level *22*. So, not worth the time investment.


QuestObjectiveBurning Blossom Reward
Torch Tossing! *Toss Torches!
quest=11922 - Unsubbed? Want the Midsummer Fire Festival prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!(Horde) / (Alliance)
More Torch Tossing! (DAILY)Toss Torches! (Horde) / (Alliance)5
Torch Catching! *Catch Torches! (Horde) / (Alliance)5 *(ONE TIME)
More Torch Catching! (DAILY)Catch Torches! (Horde) / (Alliance)5
Frost Lord Ahune (DAILY Dungeon)Kill Ahune!5-15

Completing these dailies in any city will count for all cities. Don't bother travelling between capitals!


This is totally dependent on how fast you are on finding each bonfire, but I was able to finish off the map (once I'd written the paths) in about 1-2 hours on a fresh 20 Allied Race character.

If you want to entirely ignore getting the bonfires, which I don't recommend if you're wanting the Fire Eater's Hearthstone, here's the rundown of Daily Blossom acquisition:

Quest/Amount5 Days7 Days12 Days14 Days (MAX)
More Torch Tossing25356070
More Torch Catching25356070
Frost Lord Ahune25-7535-10560-18070-210
Total after..75-125105-210180-360210-420


PrizeItem TypeBurning Blossom cost
Mantle of the Fire FestivalHOLIDAY XMOG (1/3 set)100
Vestment of SummerHOLIDAY XMOG (1/3 set)100
Sandals of SummerHOLIDAY XMOG (1/3 set)200
Helm of the Fire FestivalHOLIDAY XMOG (Campfire Hat!)350
Brazier of Dancing FlamesTOY350
Captured FlamePET (Spirit of Summer)350
Burning Defender's MedallionTOY500
Blazing CindercrawlerPET350
Cozy BonfireTOY350
Igneous FlamelingPET350
Set of MatchesTOY (Malfurion, no!)500
Ancient Heirloom Armor CasingUPGRADE (level 90 armor/trinket)350
Timeworn Heirloom Armor CasingUPGRADE (level 100 armor/trinket)500
Weathered Heirloom Armor CasingUPGRADE (level 110 armor/trinket)600
Fire Eater's HearthstoneHEARTHSTONE (New to 2019!)300 (thanks to u/Peterodox!)
Crown of the Fire FestivalQuest Reward (Free! Level 1 Xmog)King of the Fire Festival
Tabard of Summer SkiesQuest Reward (Free!)Shards of Ahune
Tabard of Summer FlamesQuest Reward (Free!)Shards of Ahune
Frostscythe of AhuneRandom Daily Dungeon Reward!Knapsack of Chilled Goods**

**Because you're only level 20, you won't be getting the full loot table from the daily bag for queueing and completing his boss fight – the Satchel of Chilled Goods – you'll be getting the smaller Knapsack of Chilled Goods* reward bag. Don't forget about Tank/Healer queuetimes!

^(There was a window of time when the change from the Ice Chest to the Chilled Goods bag was being made in 2017 where)* Illusion: Deathfrost was available from the lower-level Knapsack. Unfortunately this was hotfixed and is no longer the case.


I've been asked to cover the achievements a couple of times, but as these guides center around the fact you're locked to level 20, it usually comes with the added detriment of being unable to progress towards What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.

Midsummer is actually one of the exceptions! As long as you've got someone willing to taxi/portal you around, at least.

Fires of Azeroth (Horde) / (Alliance) – Honor the Flames (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend and Cata)

Desecration of the.. (for Horde) / (for Alliance) – Extinguish all opposite-faction bonfires in the above areas

Burning Hot Pole Dance (found here!) – Dance at a city's Ribbon Pole for 60 seconds with the 3/3 Festival Set on

King of the Fire Festival(Horde) / (Alliance) – Steal the flames from your enemies cities and get a crown!

Ice the Frost Lord (found here!) – Simply queue up for the holiday dungeon and kill Ahune the Frost Lord

Torch Juggler (found here, IMPORTANT COMMENTS!) – Buy and juggle 40 Torches in Dalaran (I highly suggest a throwaway specifically for this achievement if you're after it!)

Completing this Meta Achievement awards you with the account-wide title of Flame Keeper <Name>.


Simply put, I'm a collector, but I've unsubbed from WoW until.. well, until I feel like it's worth coming back to!

Though I do plan to return eventually – and the prospect of having to wait a whole other year for a reward I simply could have spent a little time getting is ghastly. So, why not just get them with some Allied Race alts instead?

Special thanks to all the supporting comments on my Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air, Noblegarden, and Children's Week guides! Even if it helps a single one of you lovely bastards, it was worth the headache!

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