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Unsubbed? Want the Noblegarden prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!

wow8 - Unsubbed? Want the Noblegarden prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!


Are you currently unsubbed, but have played WoW long enough to care about holiday items and the Toybox?

Don't wanna pay $15 or the 110k+ gold for a Token just to get a Hearthstone and three new bunny ear headbands, no matter how adorable they are?

As luck would have it, you can get the 25-1,600 (yep) chocolates required for nearly EVERYTHING on a Starter Account!

This is a little bit easier to do it on a Veteran's, as they're still allowed to create Allied Race characters and start in the major faction cities and with 20 riding+mounts.

A level 1 Human or Orc character is perfectly fine to make for this specific event though!


An account – don't need to have previously subscribed


A Veteran Starter Account and any Allied Race unlocked

You MUST be level 20 to be able to buy the Swift Springstrider mount!


None needed! Noblegarden is a strange event compared to the others, because instead of static quest targets you interact with for the currency+rewards (Lunar Festival/Hallow's End), or even daily tasks (like Love is in the Air), you have to collect respawning chocolate eggs in certain areas. Which means you can keep farming chocolates 'til you're done on your own time!

My most recommended areas for collecting eggs (depending on your server, congestion and mileage may vary):

Razor Hills – Durotar (just north of the Orc starting area)

Bloodhoof Village – Mulgore (north of the Tauren starting area)

Goldshire – Elwynn Forest (just south of the Human starting area)

Kharanos – Dun Morogh (north-east of the Dwarf starting area)


Again, highly depending on what kind of traffic you're experiencing as this is a spawn-reliant event instead of a static quest one. This could take anywhere from 10 minutes to well over 2 hours if you're after a particularly cheap or expensive reward, or several.

Example: the Swift Springstrider (a tradeable mount and only purchaseable if your character's level is 20+) costs 500 chocolate. If you manage to sit yourself in a prime spot where three eggs are together, it would take you roughly 10-30 minutes of consistent egg pickups to get the chocolate required. It may take you 45+ if you're having to compete.

Some of the rewards can come from opening the eggs themselves (including the mount, but it's a rare drop!), including the Tuxedo outfit, Spring Robes, Spring Flowers and Spring Rabbit pet.

You will get chocolates faster by camping a collected spawn of eggs instead of running around.


(NON-XMOG) Egg Basket – from this quest, cute vanity item

(CONSUMABLE) Blossoming Branch – 10 Chocolates, can be obtained from Spring Gatherer's Daily Quest


(NON-XMOG) Spring Flowers – 50 Chocolates, can drop from opening Eggs

(HOLIDAY XMOG) Spring Robes – 50 Chocolates, can drop

(REGULAR XMOG – SHIRT!) White Tuxedo Shirt – 25 Chocolates, can drop

(HOLIDAY XMOG) Black Tuxedo Pants – 25 Chocolates, can drop

(HOLIDAY XMOG) Elegant Dress – 50 Chocolates, can drop

(HOLIDAY XMOG) Spring Circlet – 50 Chocolates, can drop

(PET) Spring Rabbit's Foot – 100 Chocolates, can drop

(PET) Noblegarden Bunny – 200 Chocolates

(NON-BATTLE PET) Mystical Spring Bouquet – 100 Chocolates

(MOUNT) Swift Springstrider – 500 Chocolates, requires Level 20 character to use/purchase, can drop!

(HOLIDAY XMOG) Black, and Pink Spring Circlets – 50 Chocolates each

(HOLIDAY XMOG) Yellow, Brown, and Blue Spring Circlets – 50 Chocolates each (NEW TO 2019!)

(TOY) Noble Gardener's Hearthstone – 250 Chocolates (NEW TO 2019!)

Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit is not mentioned here as it requires level 60 to purchase, making it inaccessible to Veteran/Starter Account Mages.


I love the toybox, simple! I love having shiny new things, whether or not they're limited edition or standard-with-the-box. So, when Noblegarden came back this year and actually added new things, similar to my other guides, I went and wrote this up for the folk who're waiting for 8.2 to roll around.

Ultimately these "Unsubbed?" guides will encompass all the holiday events, because if it even helps a single person, it was well worth the writeup.

Special thanks to the supporting comments on my Love is in the Air and Lunar Festival guides!


Still stuck on something? Hey, I'll answer your questions if you've got 'em, and feel free to point anything out I might have missed.

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