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Wait a minute… This is Fire Emblem!

wow6 - Wait a minute... This is Fire Emblem!

I just realized! This expansion's plot is exactly like a Fire Emblem campaign!

  • Young Mary Sue king who is pure of heart and manages to run a successful campaign despite his highly compromising moral code. (Anduin)

  • Overprotective fatherlike mentor of young king. (Genn)

  • Once good empire that inexplicably turns evil overnight. (The Horde)

  • Comically evil leader of the empire who will inevitably have been being controlled by a greater evil or have some ulterior motive that justifies their atrocities but not really. (Sylvanas)

  • Honorable and patriotic general of evil empire who defects to join the young king in order to liberate the empire he once served. (Saurfang)

  • Honorable general of the evil empire who disagrees with the war and the direction the empire is going but is too loyal to defect. (Baine)

  • Looming threat of a greater evil in the background that seems negligible at first but becomes increasingly more threatening as time goes on. (N'zoth)

I'm a big fan of Fire Emblem but it's undeniable that pretty much every game in the franchise has more or less the same paper-thin plot and we seem to be getting the exact same thing here in WoW. It would explain all of the ridiculous character directions everyone is suddenly taking.

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