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Warlocks in 8.2 and all of bfa for M+

wow5 - Warlocks in 8.2 and all of bfa for M+

I'm here to mainly complain about why this class is awesome and sucks at the same time. Warlock with 3 different specs that all are unique is awesome for game play and if you know how to play each spec, it's all viable whether you think it is or not. Obviously demo warlock is the best right now for M+ but you can look at other specs and see some things that might work pretty well. Destro you got VOP major which with crashing chaos azerite talent can put your infernal on a 2 minute cooldown which is pretty good for some awesome burst windows in M+. Aff lock is more for tyrannical weeks and if you know how to properly aoe with him but brings a ton of boss damage to the dungeon and isn't an awful pick either. Demo lock has a lot of options with talents and essences to mess with your dps. The one thing I'm here to complain about is why for all 3 of these specs, it makes no sense to make a kick bound to a pet. There's never a time where you are wanting felhunter over any other pet in the game. It does no damage compared to every other pet and when people are complaining about warlocks in M+ with no kicks saying "just go felhunter", it really tilts the shit out of me. Now i'm a decent warlock player I would say. Being top 50 in realm with IO should say something about this but when I can't get into a key for a plus 13 when i've completed a +16 in time before, really questions why I'm playing this class over other classes that are a lot better in M+ like dh,dk,rogues, warriors and a ton of other classes. All i'm asking out of the post is if people agree with the statement that warlocks shouldn't be binded to one pet having our kick and should give us a kick with felhunter given a new set of skills or just removed. The fact that i'm forced to go felguard because its doing over 30 percent of my damage in M+ and suffering from getting into groups because i'm immobile and have no kick really tilts me. Most people would also say that you can make it up by queuing with a prot pal for 2 kicks but the fact of the matter is, we are the only class in the entire game that doesn't have a kick given to us without some special feature like having to summon a felhunter out. I would love for blizzard to look at this and realize that M+ is centered around kicks now and warlocks not having a kick is frustrating when legit every other class in the entire game has one(besides some healers of course).


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