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We tried something different with our guild on Outland(EU) and became a safe haven for a lot of new players.

wow2 - We tried something different with our guild on Outland(EU) and became a safe haven for a lot of new players.

Heyo 🙂

When I came back to the game and looked for a guild, I was always met with a certain type of behavior.

It started in the conversation you have with the person who is recruiting…"are you a raider?" Over time, I learned that this is a red flag. Its just a red flag for me,but its still a valid question. When told "no", I got the type of behavior:

"Oh thats fine,we take socials too"…oof. Okay. At first I didn't care, went in, said hi, tried to talk to people. What I mostly got was people logging in for raids and logging off. Alright okay. Doesnt seem too chatty, not really my cup of tea. That went on for quite a while, different guilds. Asking for a bit of help with a dungeon, maybe gearing up in heroics? Nope. What about a +2 key, which i got from pugging a m0? Nope. The question comes "You wanna join a +15?" …

Asking for some choices on gear and talents? Just sim it. Welp…okay…

Guildmates declining you because your score isnt high enough. You dont have curve? Well try pugging it, cya!

"Why dont you just buy a boost? "

After a while, I was fed up.

Fast forward to today. Proud guild officer on Outland Alliance . Weekly events that are all about doing content together, teaching people M+ and mechanics in dungeons. We even started raiding on normal for the people who want to try that out. Going through mechanics there as well and just have a good time.


And you know what? Best time Ive ever had in wow. You take 3 relatively new people with you into a +10 Atal Dazar. They are horrified, saying "Thats the first time we ever did such a high key". Of course it was overtime but we stuck with it and they got their very first +10 chest.

The level of joy and being grateful is rarely seen nowadays.

Someone new comes in and for the love god he has no idea what to do. So what does he get? A text on discord explaining what he could do in order to get his stuff going, a BiS list, a detailed list of his essences and how to unlock them, his talents and an explanation why to choose those. He needs a run through Waycrest Manor for his quest? He sure had a group within 30 seconds,

What am I trying to say? Our lovely little team of officers turned this guild into a safe place for new players and returning players. People who just enjoy the company and talks in guild chat and voice. People who want to help other people while still getting their weekly chest done,their raid done and much more. The most beautiful thing? Even when players are not new anymore they stick around. I want to keep this free of toxicity and negative behavior. This might not be for everyone and that is totally fine! Different people means different needs 🙂

So if you are interested and want to come along, just comment or message me here 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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