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What happend to M+ in BfA?

wow10 - What happend to M+ in BfA?

They aren't fun and rewarding enough for me.I was really enjoiyng playing M+ with my IRL friends in Legion,every weekend we all gatherd on Discord and spammed keys . "What's the next key?" * *"Awesome,let's go!", was the call on calls 90% of the time unless we got Seat or HoV (we didn't really like that one). Now most of my friends quit,and the ones that are still playing are like "Agh,let's just do the 1 for the weekly" . The thing that was fun for them was M+. What happend

Honestly the thing that killed it for me is the ammount of trash packs,the introduction of so many mechanics on the trash,the addition of fortified and tyranical starting level 2 and all of those with the slow gameplay of most the classes combined


The only dungeon I'm like "I guess that's fine.." it's Atal'Dazar,compared to Legion where the only one that we truly hated was Seat with the others beeing mostly fine. This thing seems to affect my guild too,everytime I log on I find myself the only one online,while last expansion people were playing M+ all the time,we were pushing keys going to level 22-23-24 at the end of Antorus,but now it's just empty…

Are most people feeling the same way? What could Blizzard do to fix any of the problems?

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