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What I used to think/What I didn’t know in the early days of WoW

wow10 - What I used to think/What I didn't know in the early days of WoW

Feel free to add on to this. I joined about 3 weeks before the Outland expansion. I only knew of WoW from watching that episode of SouthPark, which was funny but not completely accurate in many ways, especially leveling. I had no friends, no guild. I was learning on my own and made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions in-game that slowed my progression down.

I'm sharing these things for two reasons: One, because they are funny and you can laugh along, and two, to remind myself that no one knows everything when they log onto the server for the first time.

  1. I was in Redridge when I realized that mobs patrolled in a predictable way
  2. I asked in general chat where my item was after I won it on the auction house at level 10. (they were 99% kind and non-trolling in their answers, which was nice!)
  3. I rolled a human priest and got pulled into a Deadmines group after I had been leveling solo. I had NO IDEA how to target other players to heal them other than to point and click. We, uh, we died a lot.
  4. I used to think that if I sold something to a vendor, it would be available to other players.
  5. I used to just delete items from my bag when it got full, missing out on copper and silver I really needed.
  6. I got my first additional bag from a person I healed in Redridge who stopped to thank me, did an inspection of my gear, started talking to me and felt sorry for me 🙂
  7. In Northshire, I told a warrior that he was low on mana (because his bar was red, I thought that meant he was dangerously low).
  8. I didn't know you could just run away from mobs and they would stop chasing you in non-instances. I remember getting mobbed by Murlocs around Goldshire and trying to Hearth my way out of it over and over and it not working. Someone finally came by after my zillionth death and wiped the mob.
  9. When I finally learned to tab target, I was about level 30. I was a click target person, and had no idea why the tanks would go into that crouched "I'm about to attack" position before they attacked.
  10. I rolled arguable one of the most squishy mains I could roll (a human priest) at the time I signed up and then wanted to solo everything. Let's just say, the graveyard music was my character's theme song.
  11. The first addon I got was Heal Bot and it CHANGED MY LIFE. I still click healed, but it was on the portraits, not on the characters, so there were fewer deaths. (Know that I am cringing as I write these things, lol).
  12. I was in Tanaris the first time I actually accumulated one gold on my character.
  13. I was always so low on funds (due to the deleting things instead of selling them) that I was levels behind on my spells. When I finally got that gold, I spent a lot of it on getting my new spells. It was a beautiful day!
  14. You know how ridiculous we all looked in the beginning of Outland with our mismatched gear? Yeah. I looked like that for a long time. And I had no excuse as I was a freaking TAILOR.


There is more, but I'll stop here. Feel free to add your misconceptions and experiences to this thread if you'd like. With all the "leet" players, I think it's easy to forget that we all started somewhere. I was slower than most, so don't worry…you won't look bad compared me!

I guess I should say that I'm still playing that human priest, though I turned shadow halfway through Ice Crown and never looked back. I'm never the highest geared, never number 1 on the dps (well sometimes, but not often), but I adore the game and I learn more about it each time I log in.

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