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What if Burning Crusade was a “Modern” Expansion?

wow8 - What if Burning Crusade was a “Modern” Expansion?

What would WoW 2.0 look like, if it was built as a “modern” wow expansion, similar to Legion, BFA, and Shadowlands? This silly “What if” post reimagines the past – as the present. While some of my ideas might be poking fun at modern wow, this is by no means a rant against it.

It is 2020. World of Warcraft is a hugely successful game that revitalized the MMO scene after a decade and a half of games failing to entice consumers. Blizzard Entertainment is about to release the first expansion to the game, titled “The Burning Crusade”.
The only races/classes that exist at the beginning are those that existed during WoW 1.0.

Welcome to Outland!

As the Dark Portal opens, adventurers enter a 2-hour cinematic-set-piece scenario in which they defend Nethergarde Keep / Stonard from the invasion of the Fel Horde and the demons. The Dark Portal finally calms down, when Khadgar appears on the other side. One of the lost Sons of Lothar, Khadgar calls both the Alliance and the Horde to cross the Dark Portal and free Outland from the grasp of the Legion and its servants.

New Zones at Launch: Hellfire Peninsula, Shadowmoon Valley, Nagrand, Terokkar Forest, Blade’s Edge Mountains, Zangarmarsh.

New Class Options at Launch: The Sunwalker Tauren bring the ways of the Paladin to the Horde, while the Wildhammer Shaman join the Alliance.

Leveling Paths: When you cross into Outland, you have two paths to choose from while leveling.

Path of the Assault: You decide to take an active role in hunting the Burning Legion across Outland. The Horde begins their quest in Hellfire Peninsula, where the orcs of Azeroth, led by Thrall, confront their dark past and fight against their demonic-infused brethren. The Alliance begins their quest in Shadowmoon Valley, where they meet the remnants of the Sons of Lothar and push back the Legion all the way to the Black Temple. Alliance and Horde can travel to the other side’s zone for a short quest experience (similar to how BFA leveling zones work) that is focused around the faction war. Even if we have a common enemy in the Legion, distrust is still high, and neither side wants the other to gain too much knowledge of demonic secrets, legion siege weaponry, or access to Outland’s nether powers.

Path of the Protector: You decide to preserve what is left of Outland, help its native people and build a bulwark against the Legion. The Alliance meets the enigmatic Draenei in Terokkar Forest and defeats the Arakkoa and the Shadow Council as they encroach upon Auchindoun. The Horde travels to Nagrand, under the leadership of Thrall, and meets the Mag’har, a clan of orcs who refused to drink the Demon Blood. Both Horde and Alliance travel to the other zone for a few cooperative-peacekeeping quests. The Mag’har and the Draenei eventually band together to preserve Outland.

• At the level cap, characters may play through a shorter version of the other “Path” to unlock all the factions and world quests. Players may still play the whole version of the other path for Loremaster, gear, and addictional Demonic Power.

• Also at the level cap, both sides unlock Blade’s Edge Mountains and Zangarmarsh. At Blade’s Edge, both Alliance and Horde chase down the Gronn and the remnant of the Black Dragonflight. At Zangarmarsh, the factions enter in a three-way war between themselves and the Naga for control of the diminishing waters of Outland.

New Expansion Feature: Demon Hunting

As players level and complete endgame content, they unlock “Demonic Power” that allows them to tap into the Legion’s arsenal. Players first unlock quality of life abilities, such as spectral sight and double jump. As they collect demonic power by completing world quests, dungeons, and other tasks, they eventually unlock powerful bonuses. Some of those are rotational abilities, like Eye Beam, while others are powerful cooldowns, like Metamorphosis. All players regardless of race and class get to participate in this endgame leveling system. Demonic Power takes the place of endgame talents and tier set bonuses. While an infinite grind, there is a catch up mechanism for players that fall behind.

New Expansion feature: Shattrath City

Assaulted by the Legion, the Fel Horde and Kael’thas’ Blood Elves, the Naaru of Shattrath City call out to all champions of Outland to protect and rebuild the city. Collect “City Resources”, and use them to upgrade and expand the city in a server-wide war effort. Individual players may choose to contribute to different projects in the city. As the Legion assaults Shattrath in weekly events, some of the players’ progress is destroyed and the city must be rebuilt. Earn the trust of followers like Khadgar’s servant and Garona Halforcen and send them to missions across Outland. Players earn the status of “Champion of Outland” when they complete the main storyline.

New Dungeons: Each leveling zone comes with one dungeon at the end of their zone questing experience:

• Hellfire Citadel: confront the 3 bosses of the Burning Legion in the zone: Kargath Bladefist, Pathaleon the Calculator, and Magtheridon.
• Black Temple Grounds: free Akama from his servitude to Illidan Stormrage. Fight against Illidan, who eventually retreats into the Black Temple, mocking your group's unprearedness.
• Auchindoun: Stop the abuse of Draenei souls by putting an end to Fallen Exarch Maladaar and delve deeper to stop the summoning of Murmur.
• Oshugun Grounds: Curb the ethereal invasion of Nagrand and reconnect Mag’har and Draenei alike to the monument of Oshu’gun. Cleanse the fallen Naaru back to its original, radiant state.
• Gruul's Lair: Chase down the leadership of the Ogres and Gronn of Outland and free Blade's Edge.

Raid Dungeon at Launch: Serpentshrine Cavern.

Stop the Naga from taking over Zangarmarsh for the Legion. The dungeon culminates in an epic battle against not only Lady Vashj but also NPCs from the other faction who are not about to let you control Zangarmarsh. Ally with the NPCs for an easy progression kill or turn against them for a Feat of Strength.

Mythic Plus Seasonal Affix: "Enemies of Outland". Dungeons are brimming with additional creatures (gronn, arakkoa, ethereals, fel orcs) that try to stop the Alliance and the Horde from controlling Outland. Some dungeon bosses are replaced by one of the enemy creature bosses (alternates each week).


Patch 2.1: The Skies of Outland

Two legion commanders still remain: Illidan Stormrage is locked up in the Black Temple, while Kael’thas Sunstrider is flying around the enigmatic Tempest Keep that appears over the city of Shattrath. The Shat’ari Skyguard faction allows players to learn how to fly, assuming that they have first completed all 2.0 quest, exploration, and reputation content first. With their newfound flying abilities, the Champions of Outland assault the Black Temple from above, and fight off the Legion-aligned Blood Elves that pour from Tempest Keep.

New Factions: The Aldor and the Scryers. A group of zealous Draenei and a group of Blood Elf deserters join A’dal in Shattrath City, unlocking more quests centered around the rebuilding of Shattrath.

New Mythic Dungeon: Karazhan. Delve into the tower of Medivh and unlock secrets of the Burning Legion.

New Raid Dungeon: The Black Temple

Weakened by the Skyguard’s assault, Illidan’s stronghold is under siege. Assist Akama as he challenges Illidan for his people’s freedom and the liberation of Outland. Malfurion and Tyrande make a short appearance, but Night Elf lore does not meaningfully progress.

Mythic Plus Seasonal Affix: “Demonic”. New demon servants appear in trash packs around the dungeons. Bosses copy the “Demon hunting” abilities that the dungeon delving players have equipped.

Patch 2.2: Fury of the Sunwell

New Endgame Zone: Netherstorm. Explore the small and disconnected arcane-tainted islands of Netherstorm, and slowly drain Tempest Keep of its powers.

New Raid Dungeon: Tempest Keep

Board the Tempest Keep and chase Kael’thas Sunstrider. After a successfully defeating Kael’thas inside TK, he declares his defeat as merely a setback, and teleports the Keep above the Sunwell. The Champions of Outland unload from Tempest Keep and progress through the second part of the raid, where they clear the demonic infestation of the Sunwell and face Kil’jaeden.

Mythic Plus Seasonal Affix: “Technomagic”. Bits and pieces of Tempest Keep have scattered around the dungeons of Outland. Those powerful technoarcanic artifacts complicate dungeon fights by adding effects such as gravity lapses, twisting time, and summoning ethereal weapons.

Patch 2.3: Ebon’s Might.

In a seeming deviation form the original theme of the Expansion (Which was the attack on Outland and the war against the Legion), this patch returns the heroes to Azeroth.

New Endgame Zones:

Azuremist Isle: Follow the Alliance as they discover a branch of Draenei that evacuated from Tempest Keep and landed into Azeroth. Free the islands from the runaway arcane energies. While both factions assist in this effort, the valiant Draenei choose to ally themselves with the Alliance that upholds the same values and belief in the Light as they do.

Quel’thalas: As Kael’thas finally lies dead and the Sunwell is purified, the Blood Elves of Quel’thalas regroup and start healinging their land. While both factions assist in this rebuilding effort, the Blood Elves choose to align themselves with the Horde, as they can now understand the Orcs better. Both races have been corrupted by the Legion and fell to its fel promises, but now that they are free, they choose to walk together.

New Raid Dungeon: Acherus, the Ebon Hold

While the Horde and Alliance were focused on the liberation of Outland, the Lich King sends a second necropolis to assault Azeroth. Acherus moves between Quel’thalas and Azuremist every week. When Darion Mograine is defeated, thefactions resolve to chase the Lich King in Northrend, which leads to the next expansion pack.

Mythic Plus Seasonal Affix: "Necromantic". A squad of Acherus death knights bolsters the forces inside dungeons.

New Endgame player power feature: Reforged Atiesh.

Khadgar has returned from Outland and claims Atiesh. Players assist him in building up its power, and gain a “Shade of Khadgar” as a permanent companion in their adventure. The shade can cast different spells as players equip it with different powers. Players that held the Naxxramas version of Atiesh learn that they had a fake all along. Players may also customize their "shade" with varying forms and outfits, as well as unlock Khadgar's best puns through rare drops.

Patch 3.0: Wrath of the Lich King

Once the pre-expansion patch hits, Khadgar will recall all of his Shades back into himself, as well as finally cleansing players of their Demon Hunting powers. The Lich King launches a full-out assault on Azeroth, and the players prepare to storm Northrend in the pre-expansion event.

Player Versus Player in Outland

War Mode and World PvP: Players may complete War Mode objectives in the other faction’s main zones. Fight for control of the towers of Hellfire and Terokkar.

New Battlegrounds:

Coilfang Pumps: The Alliance and the Horde battle in this intense resource-collection battleground to control the access of clean water.

Eye of The Storm: Added with the Sunwell Patch: Control the barren islands of Netherstorm and capture the flag.

New Arenas:

Lower City Slums: Despite the Naaru's lofty goals for the city, mercenary gladiators fight without faction allegiance in the slums of the Lower City. Kill your opponents while avoiding interference from the onlooking crowds.

Circle of Blood, Ring of Trials: They play out as in "Real" BC.

Original BC content that does not make the cut: Caverns of Time (will be added in Wrath as an endgame power progression system similar to Horrific Visions), Zul’aman (will be a launch dungeon during Cataclysm), Ogrila (in this version of BC the only ogres are the savage ones, we’ll revisit Ogrila in WoD). Most of the dungeons have been combined in one dungeon per zone. The Shattered Sun Offensive becomes part of the Quel’thalas restoration questline. Netherwing drakes are store mounts. The Ruins of Lordaeron arena will be added in WotLK after the Wrathgate patch.

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