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What interesting things have you noticed in the Horrific Visions of N’Zoth?

wow2 - What interesting things have you noticed in the Horrific Visions of N’Zoth?

I haven’t seen a single comprehensive list of the little Easter eggs and secrets you can find in the Horrific Visions of Stormwind and Orgrimmar so I thought I would share what I’ve found and I was hoping you could share yours.

Note: This is not including the NPCS and items that give you buffs, the mail muncher, or the ethereals trading crystals for mementos. There are plenty of guides to talk about those.

Horrific Vision of Stormwind:

The Cathedral District:

Orphans are seen running around the district with void effects coming off them. In the corner behind the orphanage, the matron is dead on the ground. The orphans are circled around her and passing a skull back and forth. They chant "The Matron has gone away" and "No chores for us today."

The Dwarven District: None that I could see

Old Town:

In Cut-throat Alley, you can find the corpses of multiple Stormwind guards and dead humans titled "Resistance Fighters"

You can enter the Pig and Whistle to find numerous hostile NPCs dancing and drinking. Upon killing them you are attacked by a Kul’Tiran man named Dod. He is labeled as a rare, but doesn’t drop anything or give any buffs. Upon attacking he yells “I'm cuttin' you off!”

The Slave District:

Dead Gryphons can be found near the stairs to the flight master. (That's all I could find)

The Mage District: None

The Canals:

Upon exiting the Cathedral District to the south, a cat named Tiddles will whisper you, asking you to kill a nearby rat. If you attack the rat it yells "Have mercy!" and if you kill it, it turns into a human and Tiddles starts eating the corpse

If you attempt to go near Stormwind Keep, Wrathion will say "No, Champion. Not the keep. That is one vision I do not wish to see." (Aw)


Near the northern entrance to the Slave district you can find the toy vendor escorted by three robots. If you distract him with a train set toy, you can destroy his robots and then kill him. He has a chance to drop a toy.

If you enter the cloth vendor store between the North and West entrances to the slave district you will find the corpse of one of the vendors. Clicking on her will reveal a bit of flavor text stating her eyes and mouth have been sewn shut.

Just before you turn to go across the bridge to the mage district, keep heading down the street to the Gallina Winery. Roberto Pupellyverbos will be waiting for you with the title <Sanguine Connoisseur> and approaching him will trigger him to say "You'll make a fine vintage!" and attack you. Killing him gives you nothing. Inside the winery, there are cauldrons, bottles, and bowls full of what can be assumed to be blood

Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar:

I have found far fewer Easter eggs in HVoO, but here is what I did find.

Outside Grommash Hold you can hear the sounds of orcs crying, though i have not found the source of this crying

In the auction house in the Valley of strength, you can see goblins loading their goods into a teleporter.

Outside the Valley of spirits, Deathguard Netharian lies dead on the ground. His mount runs back and forth in a panic.

In the Valley of Honor, if you click the Hero's board it opens a bit of text that simply says OBEY

Let me know what else you find! Especially in Orgrimmar!

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