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What is the best profession and why is it Engineering?

wow6 - What is the best profession and why is it Engineering?

I recently returned to the game and decided: fresh game, new character. So I chose a new main (Rogue!) and with it came the inevitable back and forth decisions – What spec (Outlaw of course!)? Where should I focus my game play (Mythic+ for sure)? Professions (???)?

I could grab herbs and alchemy. Decently consistent income, saves gold with double flask duration and consumables always on hand. I could be skinning and leatherworking – get my own pretty epics crafted. I want to have fun though and wanted something more useful than crafting that 1 item I need – there it hit me! Engineering!


  1. Cloak Tinker
    goblin glider#comments - What is the best profession and why is it Engineering?

    Goblin Glider. Never have to worry about keeping them on-hand again!
  2. Belt tinker Nitro Boots! to get around super fast! If you'd rather you can instead use Watergliding Jets to swim fast or walk on water for a short period of time.

  3. Blingtron 5000 and Blingtron 6000 (Actually a Reaves module) for those daily quests! Pets to collect and what not.

  4. Jeeves! He can buy, sell, repair and access your bank!

  5. MOLL-E is a portable mailbox! Never again need to hearth back to town because you forgot to grab your flasks out of the mail after you bought them!

  6. loot a rang - What is the best profession and why is it Engineering?

    Loot-A-Rang has your back! Coward NPCs running away and dying on slopes? Too lazy to walk 10 steps to loot those mobs you annihilated? Engineer yourself a loot fetching device!
  7. ultimate gnomish army knife - What is the best profession and why is it Engineering?

    Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife! You think the swedes are crafty? This counts for most any profession-required item (Save anvil/forge/fishing pole/alch stone). It also has a tentative battle res on it! +BONUS ITEM!:
    unstable temporal time shifter - What is the best profession and why is it Engineering?Unstable Temporal Time Shifter is a consumable item that has a chance to Battle Res! Combine these chances to res for handy death-skips in dungeons!
  8. Ultrasafe Transporter
    Gadgetzan &
    ultrasafe transporter toshleys station - What is the best profession and why is it Engineering?
    Toshlet's Station / Dimensional Ripper
    Everlook & Area 52 / Wormhole Generator Northrend & Pandaria – Portals to all over the World of Warcraft!

  9. Gnomish Gravity Well can launch you into the air super high, man. If you combine this with your Goblin Glider, you essentially get flying. *Note: It doesn't work all the time. Lots of hear/say about it being disabled in no-fly zones but others say it's still working. I still haven't gotten it yet.

  10. 8 different crafted mounts! Mind you, some are Gnomish and some Goblin so one character can't do it all at once. Also a ton of fun little items – Swapblaster is always a good one to annoy people during raid intermissions.

  11. Use of Auction House in Boralus! Also Legion Dalaran; Not as important now, but still handy.

  12. As pointed out you can also craft Azerite helm, up to i415! It has engineering specific traits and they're pretty good!


So many perks and fun things to use with Engineering. A lot of the items carry on their usefulness through further expansions as well! You can get Anvils to drop so you can craft nearly anything anywhere. You can craft little bombs that share cooldowns with potions but either do damage or have fun odd effects (The sheep one is neat!). You'll always be useful in prolonged raids or when your M+ group wipes 1/2 way through for the first time and your tank "forgot to repair". It's just straight up handy.

Mining was my secondary choice. Mostly because I am broke.

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