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What’s up with the continuity in this expansion?

wow10 - What's up with the continuity in this expansion?

So, I left BFA 1 month after the release, but have been keeping up with the story. Even though we knew from the start that due to Sylvanas actions and Old Gods underlying plot that this was going to be similar to MoP, despite Blizzard saying otherwise. Anyways, let's continue.

Last patch we had the Battle of Dazar'alor, an incredible raid and easily one of the best things this expansion has to offer right now, and the war plot was at a standstill after that. The Horde was nearly defeated, the Alliance had to push only a bit more to completely obliterate them, and they both knew it, but for some reason Anduin decides not to so there's a war where nothing is happening (other than the warfronts, one in which Tyrande is literally using the powers of a god to take her lands from the Horde against Anduin's order, something that could have so much potential but ok, I guess they're saving her for something cooler).

After that, we knew that Sylvanas was planning to use Jaina's dead brother as a last resource to murder everyone in their sleep, surely a good move to win the war in favour of the Horde. Then Baine decides there's no honor in that and releases him, committing treason and surely sentencing many others to their death.

But that's not it, seemingly everyone else wants to save Baine so Jaina (one of the 3 main Horde haters) groups up with Thrall and Saurfang to save Baine. Sylvanas knows about it and for some reason sends only a group of 5 mages to take care of:

  • The former world's most powerful shaman who took down Deathwing and who also used to be an undefeated gladiator and lead a rebellion so big he literally created the Horde.

  • The Horde's most experienced warrior, leader for many years and present in all the great dangers they have faced.

  • Probably the most powerful mage alive. Top 3 at least.

  • The Alliance's master of thieves and who is in charge and aware of everything that's happening in front of both the Alliance and Horde's noses.

  • The hero who has killed literally every baddie in WoW's history.

Surprisingly, the 5 mages Sylvanas sent are defeated. Then seemingly out of nowhere we move to Nazjatar and everyone is like: "Yeah Sylvanas is probably scheming how to win this war, but in the meantime lets team up with our enemies and take down Azshara". Not that hasn't happened before, but, in Ulduar for example, the reason we left the main plot to solve that urgent situation was because we were already fighting (somewhat) together towards a common goal. Here we're literally enemies who just killed a mothertrucking king and avoided the use of a dead relative to assassinate the enemy leaders.

So we're left in a war that apparently nobody cares about anymore and just moved on to a more important fight.

I know PTR is obviously not showing everything and all of this could be explained once 8.2 goes live. But experience is making me worry that they will just jump from one plot to another without a good explanation.

What are your thoughts about this?

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