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When are we going to acknowledge that Yogg-Saron is the Jailer’s master, God of Death?

wow9 - When are we going to acknowledge that Yogg-Saron is the Jailer's master, God of Death?
  • He created the Curse of Flesh, thus ensuring the denizens of Azeroth became mortals and end up in the Shadowlands once they die. In other words he ensured as many souls as possible could enter the Maw.
  • We know Yogg-Saron is still an influence in the world somehow. When he died, his final Old God rantings were translated to: "The shadow of my corpse will choke this land for all eternity". Later, in Legion, he whispers "You are a pawn of forces unseen" as the player visits Ulduar alongside Magni and Khadgar. We know Old Gods are able to endure through objects somehow, or as manifestations. Xal'atath stuck around inside the Blade of the Black Empire. N'Zoth might reside within the blade after the events of 8.3. Y'shaarj endured through his heart and left the taint of the Sha. C'thun could quite possibly be influencing Azerite given the proximity of The Wound (although that's highly speculative). Yogg-Saron cursed the land and clearly lingers in Northrend somehow, as mentioned above. Perhaps it is the Saronite keeping him fettered to Azeroth while he bides his time to fully manifest again. Icecrown, the mirror reflection of Torghast on Azeroth, is constructed from his blood (Saronite).
  • One of Yogg-Saron's visions during his Ulduar encounter involves Arthas, and I could envision a plot in which the Lich King was meant to act as a faux Jailer of the Damned on Azeroth and collect souls with Frostmourne. Arthas was no longer able to do this after he fell atop Icecrown and King Terenas called him into the Maw at the Jailer's behest. When Bolvar Fordragon took up the mantle of Lich King, he was seen as a meddling usurper who kept the damned for himself as opposed to funnelling them into the Maw. That's why Yogg-Saron needed Sylvanas to carry on the Lich King's purpose on Azeroth. Icecrown might be the way they funnelled souls into Torghast and the Maw.
  • When Sylvanas threw herself from Icecrown, she fell on the Saronite and died. She saw visions of what would happen to the Forsaken in the future, and of her own eternal damnation within the Maw. These visions compelled her to carry on with the aid of the Val'kyr, ultimately causing her to instead ferry more souls into the Maw. This is when Yogg-Saron recruited her.
  • Whispers by and about Yogg-Saron often allude to Death: "There is no escape. Not in this life. Not in the next." He's also called the God of Death in WoW.
  • Yogg-Saron's title in Hearthstone is Hope's End, and when Sylvanas burns Teldrassil that's the theme. She kills hope.

There are a thousand ways this could play out. But something tells me Yogg-Saron is influencing the Jailer to gather souls (as opposed to merely jailing the really wicked ones), meant to be consumed by himself or perhaps a Void Lord so that it may manifest fully.


Bolvar is shaping up to play a part similar to that of Tyrael in Diablo 3. He'll probably journey with us throughout the Shadowlands, and once the old and corrupt Jailer has been disposed of, Bolvar will take his place as the true Jailer of the Damned.

Whether Sylvanas truly serves the current Jailer or if she's playing her famous 8D chess and only took Bolvar out because she wants him to become the real Jailer of the Damned eventually, remains to be seen (pulling off the band-aid so to speak).

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