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Which Legion Mythic+ dungeon you loved/hated most and why?

wow1 - Which Legion Mythic+ dungeon you loved/hated most and why?

I miss Legion dungeons, I think it would be fun to see them return to Mythic+ arena! If we had a time walking event with one highlighted Legion dungeon several months in a year that would be a breath of fresh air from BfA routine!

I remember Maw of Souls being the most speedrunned dungeon, but damn, Helya was punishing and demanded high responsibility from each player.

Trial of Valor Odin felt unkillable on Tyrannic, with an ocean of HP, but ToV trash packs became a death machine on Fortified.

Neltharion's Lair and Val'Sharah one felt most balanced, and I had a blast storming through them. Hated the totem gamble though.

Don't ever talk to me about Eye of Azshara. That shithole was so packed with mobs, having Necrotic, Bursting, Teeming, Fortified there meant a world of pain for everyone. For some groups Tyrannic Wrath of Azshara became an unbreachable wall, wiped on him so many times. And don't forget goddamn winds and lightnings, that always tossed your ass around.

Vault of Wardens was quite polarising experience. At lower keys Cordana mechanics you could just cheese through, but the higher you get, the more demanding she became. I hated that place because I died all the time, but after me and my buddies went there for achievement run, I mastered the fight, and had little trouble after. If you do it with experienced people, it was quite fun to run!


Archway and Court of Stars. CoS trash was notorious and been a cause of so many wipes. I think it was a fun gimmick, that you can poison boss, stack up on nice buffs, that DHs and Pallys can cheese spy stage, but meta for that place became so toxic real fast, groups always looking for demon hunters and rogues and certain professions. Demonic lady and last boss were also hard to kill, with those winds, constant party-wide AoE, and edgy remarks, that you kept hearing over and over and over after many wipes.

Arcway was fun, a lot of squishy trash, reasonable bosses, and the sweetest trinket, that forced you to run that place many times, first to get at least base version, then to improve it, then get a socketed version!

Sadly I quit before Nighthold was out, and missed on Anthorus dungeon completely, nothing to say there.

I did Karazhan on hardmode, when we barely had gear to survive Nightbane pools, but haven't seen it when it was added to the keystone roster, I think that dungeon, especially first part, was amazing in Mythic+! Would love to hear how it went for you!

What was your experience, and which dungeon would you like to see a return? I think Neltharion's Lair, Vault or one of the Suramar ones!

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