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Why MoP was one of the finest expansion in recent history and what should Blizzard learn from their expansions.

wow10 - Why MoP was one of the finest expansion in recent history and what should Blizzard learn from their expansions.

MoP was one of the most controversal expansion. You loved it or hated but there was no middle ground. Nowdays however it is usually labeled by most of the WoW fanbase as one of the best expansion so far. After new expansons came we felt that we want to go back because gameplaywise the expansion was great.

Lets look some of its perks in order:
MoP had an mazing lore. We get to discover a new continent wand its culture which was truly mysterious and we slowly learned about the threats including the Mogu-Mantid dangers and the presence of an Old God and the break within the Horde. I was amazed by the zones and their sometimes funny-silly but serious quests.
I miss the days when Blizzard actually created funny quests or just memed itself into a strange quest. This brings me to the daily quests. The repeated quests were one of the negatives in the expansion but nowdays its far worse. Back in MoP not just cool items/mount were rep gated but lore itself.
The reputation levels were linked to lore event in game which was really amazing. Now you get no interaction if you reach revered-exalted. A lot of wasted potential there especially because some reps in BFA (Rajani) is such a (pain) grind in the ass that it is amazing how they could have done suchs madnessess. Yes bfA had these reps like Honorbound and 7th legion but the overall experience for me was "cool, extra rep and xp for free and having some fun but that was perhaps the only one and it was painful because in the end it felt like that this was the true lore of BfA and in that sense it felt short overallandnot polished enough, more like rushed over even with these painful gating. If all other reps were similar to this in BfA I would not complain about that. The point supposed to be make reps more tied to the lore and not just repeatable quests to boringness.

The scenraios were a new addition to MoP. Short 3 man dungeons with the sole purpose to expand the smaller, not really significant parts of the lore with the exception of the Dagger in the Dark scenario. These were lore dungeons with some reward. By their nature they were funny chill runs.
Scenarios nowdays either merged into some questline where you have to play it alone, or….island expedition in Bfa with random reward and perhaps some rare mount, but overall a boring unfun content in bfa.

The dungeons. Some of them were sillyness incarnate, yes (looking at you Ale elemental from the brewery). But unlike previous expansion they fitted nicely to the leveling or just expanding the lore in the zone, however here I admit mostly this is done correctly. I loved how Legion gave us an extra quest at the end of each zone to do the dungeon to complete the lore of the main storyline for the zone.

Its also introduced challenge mode, the Mother of Mythic +. To be honest I like M+ more with the affixes but thats because 8.3 is really great with the seasonal affix which makes it really fun to do. The rewarding could be better however.
MoP Challenge mode had 3 tier of rewards: Title in T3, Mount in T2 and Transmogable item sett in T1.
This was the same in WoD.
In Legion M+ came in. They give a piece of armor or anything you can wear with increased ilvl based on your level+timing. Really competitive and really fun. 15+ also ulocked an artifact tint in game.
As of 8.3 for you can get a mount for all dungeons completed in time on +15.
Then agin in MoP you were either Raiding or do PvP. There were no M+ to get items as the only source for good PvE items was raiding.


This brings us to the Raids: Mogu'shan vault-Heart of Fear and the Terrce of Endless Springs. For the first tier of raids these were amazing. I still not understood back then why ppls hate this expansion because it was clear that the Developers give their best to create this expansions and god it was marvelous. Then came the pinnacle of my raiding experience, the Throne of Thunder. Great bossess with challenging mechanics not to mention the atmosphere of the raid. In the Kun'Lai summit quests they build up the Thunder King's story beyond the Mogu storylines we have been given in each zones. Slow build up on the race and the tyrant. For some time I tought Mogu'shan palace is the end for them as we killed the reigning ruler of them. But if you reached exalted with the Golden Lotus prior to 5.4 you could complete a special quest in the Vale where the Mogu raided the Zone to took back the treasures of the Thunder King and we had to defend the Vale with the Pandarens and the Celestials. That is what made ICC so memorable. The building up of the Lich King and arthas from WC3 was huge, and it got expanded in WotLK. Even if Lei Shen and the mogu were new, the writing and execution were amazing.
I loved the Nighthold in Legion because of the setup. An entire max level zone with reputation heavly tied to its lore with 2 dungeons in the zone ending up in 7.1 with some preparing quest to "unlock" the enterance to the raid. It was perfect overall. If you played Legion through or at least the first part of it you know what I'm talkin about. It was grindy but had one of the most beautiful zones in the entire game witch rich lore. This is what made the raid feel special. The building up to finally defeat Gul'Dan and get our Illidan back.
Ulduar is the eternal classic of a fresh Raid of a zone. Storm Peaks were still my favourite memory from WotLK leveling if you finished the Thorim questline and did the Sons of Hodir reps. The zone with the first Huge Titan facility was monumental if you think about the cosmic origins of it.
Bfa had the Battle of Zul'Dazar witch was great expansion of the fraction conflict but after that raid the lore just went into mehh. They used Azshara and Nyalotha later on as raids, and yes they were fun and amazing BUT I do believe both of these raids could have been the centerpoint of a whole new expansion instead of waisting lore here.

Arena: The fact that we needed to do PvE to be competitive in PvP is disgustig. The best azerite traits or corruptions, not to mention the mess what PvP become in this expansion is horrible at best. Stacking 1corruption and the zero down everyone, or just get rid of your entire set of items because without items you can 1 shot anyone is just the minor things that is wrong with BfA to someone but for me this RNG system in pvp wasenough to quit from it. In MoP you had the PvP power which solved nearly everything regarding balance in PvP. To be honest I never seen this kind of true balance in 3v3 since MoP. I miss those times. Legion introduced pvp talents and they were so amazing I frankly love that we have such talents, and BfA gave us Warmode, not too good and not too bad.

Legendary Quest: My first legendary was Shadowourne from ICC the questline was amazing because the raid itself was amazing. These questlines were the the basics since wow exists. In MoP it was a huge questline from the start to every class which was a huge upgrade compared to the hge restrictions from previous expansions. You had to Grind a reputation to exa then complete special pve and pvp questlines through the expansion witch a clear end in each patch to upgrade your weapon with a gem that given you +500 Agility ect. or an extra helmet socket. This long questline started in 5.0 and ended in 5.4 with a legendary cloak. the satisfaction could not have been better. This rounded the expansion really well. In WoD we had a Ring in siilar fasion to collect I never played through that expanson because I did not liked it but I'm sure ppls felt the same way toward this style like I did in MoP, or I hope so. Because Legion changed everything with RNG legendaries…Horrible design. But it had a huge questline similar to previous legendary questlines, for your artifact skin. Started in 7.0 and ended in 7.1 Nighthold. I try to tell myself that was the legendary questline as if you completed it you recevied a new artifact skin like a new legendary weapon. In BfA we had nothing like this but a new cloak in 8.3 with 3 version. No big deal but better than nothing.

Blizzard has clear way behind them as they shoud just grab the best designs from previous expansons and merge it into the new one. I admit that MoP had a really good chances to become such a good expansions and such a fond memory as bot Cataclysm and WoD were forgetable at best and this is the case with BfA. That is why we all hoping in Shadowlands and Arthas geting his redemption as Illidan before him.

Now with Shadowlands releases soon I wonder and hope about this expansion will be the one we are waiting for so long.

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