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Why the Hivemind restrictions should be reevaluated

wow9 - Why the Hivemind restrictions should be reevaluated

I really enjoyed doing the Hivemind puzzle and am glad they added something so unique in the way that it functions. Currently there are bugs in the game related to who can use the Hivemind but based on @Celestalon’s Tweet: it appears that the intended way it should work is that you can only use the mount with the characters you completed the puzzle with.

Due to the fact that the mount gives you the ability to travel as a group at increased speeds, it has a clear advantage for people who are able to use it together. By limiting the mount usage to only toons that completed it together it gives a clear advantage to groups of 5 that can play together all the time.

  1. Instanced PvP- especially in battlegrounds it is an advantage for a group who can group up and have increased speed to get the flags faster or gank players who are slower due to not having a Hivemind. My personal stance on this is that you should not be able to join someone else's Hivemind in an instanced PvP situation.

  2. Mythic+ – the increased speed can help in some situations where you can mount which is helpful if you are only running M+ with the same 5 person group, but many people have more than 5 people that they rotate through depending on who is available or pug people for their keys. The increased speed could be the difference in completing in time or not

  3. Open world content – in the open world you have plenty of opportunities for grouping up with random people to help out with whatever content may be occurring. The main thing to consider is world PvP. A group of people in the Hivemind can easily gank someone and I find many times the zone chat will fill with people interested in grouping and fighting back, but that gives the disadvantage to the group that cannot mount the Hivemind and chase the group in the Hivemind down due to the fact that they are just a ragtag group that happened to find each other and decided to work together.

  4. Multi-boxers- multi-boxers already have an advantage over others by having multiple toons ready to fight together. By giving them this mount, they have another advantage over others if they complete the puzzle with their group of toons.

  5. Guilds/friend groups- I have about 7 people that I consistently do content with on top of the people of my guild that I raid with. I understand that the solution currently proposed is that you can redo the puzzle with a new group to get to the group you currently desire to group with, but that is an awful lot of work to go through each time you decide you want to be able to group with a different friend. The current way it is designed to work means you have to decide which people you don't want in your group, effectively forming unnecessary cliques and leaving others out. If this stays in place, anyone who wants to obtain the Hivemind mount through a pug group is going to have a more difficult time finding a due to people needing to be selective of who can be in their Hivemind.

Conclusion: the Hivemind does have many advantages that should be evaluated, but in my opinion limiting who is able to group with who is not the solution to making sure this mount is not overpowered. By limiting it in this regard you create the advantage for any 5 man that consistently groups together over any random groups that form to do the same content.

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