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Why was Vol’jin killed, again?

wow3 - Why was Vol'jin killed, again?

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"Vol’jin was a beloved character because of the smaller, side stories that elevated him. Things like Zalazane’s Fall and Rise of the Zandalari were subplots that were on the side of larger narratives. Vol’jin then, logically, was likely handled by quest writers instead of the main narrative team; at best, Metzen himself might have had a hand since he used to voice the character.

In MoP, Vol’jin is actually largely absent. Absent in the opening patch, a small appearance in the first patch for Dagger in the Dark, and absent again until the very end. The middle is filled with a book that was commissioned/outsourced to an author that is unrelated to WoW, never worked on anything WoW, and hasn’t been back since. (He handled it very well, for what it’s worth, one of the best WoW books)


When Vol’jin truly became major, starting in SoO, it was like the writers didn’t know what to do. He was written out of character at times in Battlefield Barrens and was written as incompetent in SoO (Sending his troops to the Iron Juggernaut), and culminated in him not shooting the Dark Heart of Y’Shaarj, which is what he was set up to do (And him not doing it wasn’t brought up as a narrative point; IE he didn’t make a hard decision between revenge and saving his people, for example).

He then did nothing and immediately died. His death wasn’t grand. Sylvanas had the big spotlight for all of Horde Broken Shore, and Vol’jin was a side character in her story until he died.

The idea that Vol’jin wouldn’t fight in a faction war is absurd. He is a cruel and brutal hunter and leader. He is willing to use Sylvanas’ raising corpses as a weapon. He is a savage who takes trophies and was reminded of the crisp cracking of breaking bones when he drank Chen’s crisp tasting beer. This is why he was seen, by many, to be the bridging force between the ‘honor horde’ and ‘pragmatic horde’, because he represented elements of both."

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