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WINDWALKERS still have unused, ignored, weak talents and rehashed abilities given back to us as “new changes”, while giving us new abilities that further strengthen the SAME loadout we’ve had for several expansions.

wow2 - WINDWALKERS still have unused, ignored, weak talents and rehashed abilities given back to us as "new changes", while giving us new abilities that further strengthen the SAME loadout we've had for several expansions.

**EDIT: I should have said new talents/passives instead of new "abilities" in the title. We're getting old abilities we had before for Windwalkers, some new things for Brewmasters, I think one or two new things for Mistweaver. I'm mainly talking about Windwalkers.

What do I mean by this? Let's count.

  1. Soulbind conduit called Corodinated STrikes that increases SEF's damage. Further reason to never use Serenity.
  3. Nothing mentioned about the bugs surrounding SEF that sometimes just make the ability not work as intended in MANY ways..from not targeting the right people, not scaling right, not using the abilities the player is using, I might be missing one.
  4. Touch of Death just going back to how it used to be instead of TRYING to come up with a better ability. They just flip flop this ability every couple expansions. I think it is better in the One Shot iteration beceause we don't have to base a whole rotation around it, but how many expansions until they just change it back to how it is right now?
  5. Dance of Chi-Ji is interesting, but put into the same bracket as Hit Combo. Depending on the numbers, maybe it's viable, but more than likely Hit Combo is still the go to to achieve that mediocre DPS we're known for every expansion with rare times we're pretty damn good for a single patch.
  6. Hit Combo still exists and keeps being nerfed (I don't remember it being 6% as WOWHEAD states right now, but instead of changing it, they nerfed it a while back)
  7. NO CHANGES TO SERENITY. Whirling Dragon Punch is still THE GO TO. Why? Because if you choose Serenity, you lose Whirling Dragon, AND Storm Earth Fire. You lose two versatile abilities. If you ignore Serenity like Blizzard has for …I think two expansion since they last even TOUCHED the spell, you get Whirling Dragon, and SEF..two very top tier AOE/Cleave/Single Target abilities
  8. INNER STRENGTH AND SPIRITUAL FOCUS STILL EXIST. I wanted to put EYE of the Tiger on here, but the ability is…medicore and fine, not terrible. Every class has mediocre abilities, but Inner Strength and Spiritual Focus aren't just mediocre, THEY'RE BAD. AND SPIRITUAL FOCUS IS IN OUR LAST ROW OF TALENTS, WHERE THE BIG GAMEPLAY CHANGING ONES (or at least fucking usable) SHOULD BE.
  9. Giving us back SCK mechanics we had before that they took out because AOE was all we were good at, and we were damn good at it. A lot of the MEAT of the WW changes seems to be just buffing SCK to be a part of our main rotation, even for Brewmasters. At the very elast something we use a lot more.
  10. Giving us Emperor's Capacitor back, which is GREAT for Crackling Jade LIghtning, but we've asked for CJL to just be changed to be usable for years. It's a lazy way to give us another ability to use without actually putting in work to change it. I overall like this,b ut…the design choice tells me they're just keep doing this with most classes. Taking out the fun stuff to try out new stuff, then putting the fun stuff back in later on to hype us back up, even though it's nothing really new.
  11. Invoke Xuen is baseline, GREAT. Honestly this is how it always should have been, the ability was ALWAYS garbage as a final row talent, with like…one or two exceptions I think where it was viable for MYTHIC PLUS SHORT-TERM BURSTING…but are the problems fixed with it? Last I heard this ability did not scale well at all, making it overall a weak and unused ability in higher content, i.e. heroic+ raids and high mythic+ keys, you know…the meat of the expansion's end game, and now we'll have the Tower for Shadowlands. It's just a fire and forget ability, but we do have some traits that will tie into it, so…hopefully that makes up for the bad scaling? Overall would have rather they just fix the scaling instead of makin gus dedicate soulbinds and other talents into making the ability actually useful.
  12. Our Legendary powers just being the ones from Legion. This is just a nitpicky one, I'll admit, i would have liked them to try and come up with more unique effects instead of rehashing Legion and Tier Sets, but I understand this overall is a positive either way in terms of class diversity and fantasy.
  13. Venthyr Monk Covenant ability is just a copy of SEF. That's literally it. It's SEF, but worse. I guess it's cool to at one point have like…4-5 monks on the field fasting Fists of Fury. This one I think is me nitpicking.

I don't expect Blizzard to create UNIQUE ABILITIES for every class, I make that very clear on the points I state I"m nitpicking, but for the rest of them, these are issues we've asked to be resolved for literally fucking years. The community as a whole has asked for these problems to be fixed before adding new or old-new stuff back in. The BIGGEST one for me is Serenity. I've wanted to use Serenity since WOD where it became lackluster. I want to use a different final talent, I'm tired and sick of SEF, I don't even like the theme o fit, I don't think it matches Monk hardly at all with ALL the monk lore we've had in the game, SEF doesn't even make sense.


Now I know Torghast gives Monks a lot of INCREDIBLY unique and fun abilities, and I'm hoping that after Shadowlands, they actually give us some of those as baseline to actually change up how our playstyle is, or to at least use the ideas for Torghast into balancing Windwalkers for the next expansion..or for the middle of Shadowlands if they botch it horribly so they have to put in an entirely new unique mechanic that drastically changes everyone's indirect gameplay like they did with BFA.

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