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Wipefest: Automated combat log analysis for Ny’alotha!

wow6 - Wipefest: Automated combat log analysis for Ny'alotha!

Hi all!

I hope everyone is enjoying 8.3 and the new raid. I've spent a huge amount of time over these past few weeks scouring the dungeon journal and both PTR and live logs so that I can add Ny'alotha compatibility to
www.wipefest - Wipefest: Automated combat log analysis for Ny'alotha!

Wipefest, an automatic log analysis tool that I've been working on since 2017.

I'm happy to say that Wipefest is now tracking 300 new types of combat events, with 140 insights based on these that each focus on a team's performance for a particular mechanic.

120 of these insights are "rankable", which means that they will have percentile rankings generated for them so that Wipefest can tell you not just how well you're dodging Wrathion's fire balls, but also how well you're dodging them compared to successful kills for your difficulty!

I've taken a random sample of close to 10,000 logged kills to generate 150,000 data points that are used to work out these rankings, and every day these rankings are recalculated based on the previous 7 days of data.

Haven't used Wipefest before? Head over to
www.wipefest - Wipefest: Automated combat log analysis for Ny'alotha!, where you can search for your logs by character, guild, or by providing a Warcraft Logs link to the pull or report.

Once you've found the pull that you want to analyse, Wipefest will show you your summary. At the top of the page it will give you a breakdown of your performance against particular mechanics:

The numbers on the left of each title are the percentiles. These work in the same way as Warcraft Logs percentiles (75 means you have performed better than 75% of successful kills on that mechanic).

Below that, you'll be able to see a timeline of important events, that you can filter to show more of or less of what you're interested in:


For subscribers, I'm happy to let you know that the multi-pull report analysis is fully compatible with Ny'alotha, so you can get quick overviews of an entire night's worth of raiding, including charts to let you know how your performance on certain mechanics has been improving pull-by-pull:

And the player performance insight tab will help you see overall performance across multiple mechanics, split by player:

This feature is still in beta as I'm not 100% happy with how it works UI-wise, so I still want to make more improvements to it before removing that "Beta" badge.

As always, I'd love any feedback on Wipefest so that I can make the improvements that matter. I've got a lot of ideas for upcoming features, including:

  • Indicating which mechanics are the most important to get right to kill a boss (based on data)
  • Re-doing parts of the UI to make it easier and clearer to use (including converting some of the insight details to damage taken charts etc)
  • Adding boss room maps for some insights to show the positions of players and NPCs at certain times
  • Adding character profile pages that display how well a player performs at different mechanics (e.g. "This player has successfully bounced the Void Orbs on Xanesh 4 times")

I'm also working on something at the moment that I can't quite talk about yet, but I'm looking forward to getting it all done!

As usual, thanks for the support! Good luck, and have fun 🙂

– Yax

P.S. Feel free to join our Discord if you want to get in touch with feedback or have any questions.

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