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So in drustvar near where witches are active in the forest, there are these scrolls laying around that allow you to cast a random witchcraft spell. They are small things like fear, roots etc.

However, this got me thinking. You know how alchemy allows players to place effects on themselves such as healing potions, living action potions, and even offensive stuff like the rising death battle potion? You know how inscription already allows users to create consumable scrolls that basically cast lesser version of battle shout, intellect and stamina?
Why not allow inscription to create consumable spell scrolls? Hear me out. You couldn't do a full rotation on them, but just like tailoring can craft a net to throw and CC targets, these witchcraft spells could introduce new and unusual effects that make inscription a hot topic. (pun intended) All of the following ideas would be crafted scrolls that use ALOT of the ultramarine ink.

Witchcraft: Sigil of Death – creates a sigil of shadow that deals 20% of the caster's max health as shadow damage to the target if an enemy steps on it. Costs 20% of your remaining health. Sigil of death ignores invulnerability like ice block and divine shield.

Witchcraft: Sigil of banishment. Creates a sigil that if an enemy steps on, they get banished for 6 seconds. during this time, they are unable to take actions, their movement speed is slowed by 75%, they are immune to all damage, they glow green, and they are translucent.


Witchcraft: Sigil of sacrifice. Creates a ritual sigil other players can click on. If two other players click it, They get a debuff that slows their move speed by 50% for 30 seconds, and they lose 50% of their health. In return, the casting player gets a buff that gives them bloodlust and 50% damage for 30 seconds the next time they damage an enemy.

Witchcraft: Soul Draining Sigil – creates a shadow sigil on the ground. The next enemy to step on it has their soul drained for 30 seconds. They become trackable on the caster's map for the duration, and the next spell that the caster uses while a target has its soul drained has its cooldown reduced by 30 seconds. Shadow sigils can stack, so you could lay down 12 shadow sigils, and be able to have the cooldown on your next shroud of concealment set to 0. 😀

Witchcraft: Detonate Sigils – detonates all your active baneful sigils, causing them to flare out and apply their effects to all targets within 12 yards.

Notice that all of these sigils are designed to scale with future expacs, so they stay relevant to the game.

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