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With 8.1.5 coming out March 12th here is some information for leveling quickly

wow2 - With 8.1.5 coming out March 12th here is some information for leveling quickly

Most of us are excited to level are new Zandalari and Kul’Tirans! Some of you might be familiar with this information, but some of you might just be tuning in for the first time so I thought I would consolidate a lot of stuff that I had posted for 8.1 leveling as well!

If you're only interested in heritage armor you do not need to reach level 120, they changed it to be 110

Dungeons are a good way to break up the monotony, but they are SIGNIFICANTLY slower than questing

As many of you know Zyrrael and I teamed up with the routes and got them added for 20-100 with
azeroth auto pilot - With 8.1.5 coming out March 12th here is some information for leveling quickly

Azeroth Auto Pilot.

Azeroth Auto Pilot is a simple addon that tells you where to go and how to quest, it can be a tad confusing for some people and others might not like the areas it takes them too. The routes listed below are where it will tell you to go, and you can type /aap skip to get around some of the problems that come with not following the route to the T.

I also have a series of youtube videos that go into some of the zones (I thought I had a more detailed list, but I apparently missed a lot of things)

We also have a speed running discord available for everyone to join and come chat about leveling and tips on how to do it quickly. u/Maezriel_ posted this recently. There is also a quick spreadsheet for 13 specs that are listed as some of the fastest for leveling with heirlooms, enchants and talents focused on their end game stat priority which can be found

Also important things to consider before you start your leveling adventure in 8.1.5

Draught of Ten Lands increases all stats by 10 and experience by 10% for 1 hour. This is obtained with currency from the new warfront. It requires 5 of said currency which you obtain 15 of for completing a warfront, 1 for each WQ in Arathi/Darkshore, 5 for completing an Incursion, and some from honorbound paragon chests.


Incursions are not as good as Legion leveling, you can complete them starting at 110 and having unlocked Kul’Tiran/Zandalar for the opposite faction. Once completing 4 WQs, and the incursion you get a 10% exp buff for 1 hour.


Have fun and happy leveling everyone!

Current fastest routes and times:

Alliance 20-60 – 6 hours

Redridge > Duskwood > STV > Cape of STV > WPL > Loch Modan > Wetlands

Alliance 60-80 – 5 hours

Boren Tundra > Dragonblight > Grizzly Hills > Zul'Drak > Zangramarsh > Nagrand

Alliance 80-90 3 hours

Mount Hyjal > Jade Forest > Kun-Lai Summit

Alliance 90-100 2 hours

Shadowmoon Valley > Talador > Spires

Alliance 100-110 – 3 hours

Highmountain > Val’Sharah

Alliance 110-120 – 7 hours

Drustvar (chests give XP) > Tirgarde > Stormsong Valley

Horde 20-60 – 6 hours 30 minutes

Brill > Silverpine > Hillsbrad > WPL > EPL > STV (I'm positive I can make this route faster but I need to gather more data as EPL is bad and STV is less amazing than Silver/Hills/WPL for horde)

Horde 60-80 – 5 hours

Boren Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly hills, Zul'Drak, Zangramarsh, Nagrand

Horde 80-90 – 3 hours

Mount Hyjal > Jade Forest > Kun Lai Summit

Horde 90-100 – 2 hours 40 minutes

Frostfire Ridge > Gorgond (Arena, focus on killing specific mobs for xp quests, should finish at 101 if you wait to turn in after you hit 100)

First and foremost grab nearby resources (you need 100) to purchase a garrison accelerated learning potion (20%)

Focus on bonus objectives, quests and treasures up until about 93, then do the same in Gorgond. Take arena, and follow the very straight forward questing path while using an addon like handynotes to track treasures. There are 11 mobs you need to kill while under the effects of the arena buff Prove your Strength

Most of them can be found in the first quest you do to the right of the arena. Turn these all in after you hit 100 for a free level.

Horde 100-110 – 3 hours Highmountain > Val’Sharah

Horde 110-120 – 8 hours Zuldazar > Vol’dun > Nazmir

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