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WoD leveling and how to manipulate it (12 minutes a level)

wow7 - WoD leveling and how to manipulate it (12 minutes a level)

This isn't perfect yet, it can be even better but I addressed a few myths in my most recent run.

  1. Time skip is not faster than invasion for alliance. You can not loot Gorgond treasures until 92. You spend 14 minutes getting to timeless isles, to your garrison (from shrine). It takes 24 minutes to go from shrine through invasion to garrison. You also get a level and a half worth of experience though. For an extra 10 minutes you get more XP.

Route can be optimized slightly more but in its current iteration (There is only a 10% difference if you have drought) the route sets you up to be level 100 with 6 bars of exp, bars rested and 35 minutes of accelerated learning. Getting your legendary weapon at 98 is not effective and I highly do not recommend this if you're interested in leveling quickly (I also don't think its worth it at 100 even but that's another story)

I did all 4 bonus objectives while picking up specific quests for shadowmoon valley that had a very low time entry point for return on XP. Alliance specifically have a very fu*ked up treasure route that is insane. One area with a bonus objective and quest has 5 treasures resulting in I think it was a 6 minute level? Immediately next to that are 14 more treasures that take about 4 minutes to collect.


After that, as much as I love gorgond, we have to head to Talador, we do the first bonus objective on the way (scared animals) and head to the talador garrison, take misson nuke and do lumber mill, by now your potion should have worn off. Wait til you get to khadgar bonus, kill all but one mob, pop potion, kill last mob and head west doing that bonus objective (freeing the prisoners is best inside the catacombs). Head down for the last bonus objective with the arakora/orcs and finish that.

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Now, if you have archeology, this part goes faster if not, pay attention to have much XP you have, you want to be able to pick up all 5 rested XP treasures (but don't use them). Do one bonus objective (the very bottom one) and see where your EXP is at. You want to measure it so that you finish the middle bonus objective (Shattered Hand Orcs) with half a bar (pop the rested XP here) from 100, when you finish you will be 6 bars into 100, with 5 bars rested and 35 minutes on your accelerated learning.

If you capitalize with your timing right, you can carry that 20% extra XP into a legion invasion resulting in over 2 levels with no effort.

The video can be seen here:

I think I can tweak about another 6 minutes here too.

(the same concept can be done with Legion, also if you take mining, don't turn in any of those quests until after you hit 110, just 5 mining quests from leystone/fel gives you 4 bars, paired with a bonus objective it gives you a nice kick towards 111)

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