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Introducing World of Warcraft Flight Simulator!

World Of Warcraft Flight Simulator

The game inside a game nobody asked for. (work in progress)

I got the idea when using the gathering addons with the Routing Addon. it made the UI very much like a flight simulator. I thought, i can make this better…

So i did, i spent hours figuring out how to put gifs into weak aura. Nobody has made a decent guide on it yet and it took a lot of trial and error. I will be putting together a step by step at the bottom of this post. (big shout out to Weak aura dev u/Infus for the guides on YT and the forums)


  • GatherMate 2
  • GatherMate 2 data
  • Routing
  • Weak auras 2
  • Weak auras 2 stop motion
  • Sexymap

(maybe some more, will be updating)

Various gifs and sound files.

Various macros.

ill work on a guide and get all the gifs and sound files uploaded at some point, it still needs a lot of work. i want to add a more functional radar over the map (not minimap) , add the addon minimap alert with custom sound files. add a machine gun (cant find any bullets/a10 brrrt gifs)
add more custom fighter jet radio chatter/sounds. Fighterjet gifs as custom Enemy unit frames.

UI overlay for various flying mount selections, like a character selection but with flying mounts lined up, custom UI/HUD overlay for each mount. Actual minigame added with enemy and score board (no idea)

All in all it makes the zin grind a lot less tedious.

Making Gifs in wow/weakaura.

A. get

B. get

C. get
info18810 Blpc - WoW Flight Simulator
  1. open
  2. open
    gif to sprite - WoW Flight Simulator
  3. open (or whatever u want for gifs)

go to 3. choose the gif you want. save gif to PC.


upload gif to 1. and resize it to a number that ends 2, 4, 6, or 8. width and height must be dvisible by 2 and not be 0. (0 seems to work sometimes, not sure.)

save gif to ur PC. Upload resized gif to 2. gif to sprite sheet.

settings: CUSTOM GRID.

columns: quick math. if your gif has 9 frames, 3 columns x 3 rows = 9 frames. you want to try keep it pretty square. not sure how important this is.

check no margin around outside

output PNG

tile size: leave on auto, it should make something with the correct 2,4,6,8 final number maybe a 0. but should work. if ur final tile size ends in an odd number it most likely will not display correctly.

you should end up with a nice tile of your favorite meme. Save it as a PNG.

open the C. (Blpc) file converter after u install it. File>open>(select all files in bottom right box so u can find ur PNG) open the png of the split gif. in Blpc make sure in options that Dxt3 is selected and resize method is stretch.

save your BLP texture file. wow loves BLP files. put the BLP file into your wow interface folder , i like to put them in "D:World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft_retail_InterfaceAddonsWeakAurasStopMotionTexturesBasic" with all his BLP friends.

Launch WoW, (every time u add a new gif/BLP to the wow interface folder u must restart wow for it to work.)

open up the WA interface (/wa) and click new aura and click stop motion. in the display tab click texture and manualy enter in the address for the BLP file. in my case its "InterfaceAddonsWeakAurasStopMotionTexturesBasicjohntravoltameme.BLP" do not include anything preceeding _retail_ it should start from interface and go on, include the file extension or not, (.blp/.tga) not sure if it matters.
Custom foreground, u must select the correct amount of rows and columns and the amount of frames in the gif. so 3 by 3 and 9 frame count. Frame rate you can adjust to what u wantdepending what the gif is.

and that should do it! the gif usually wont play automatically on screen with /wa open. if your gif is sliding around or not working, you have the wrong pixel size and need to resize/check your gif and splitsheets. and check your columns and rows and frame counts.
as for the triggers, events, conditions, i am not going to explain how all of weak aura works, i hardly know myself. plenty of guides online to help with that.


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