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Hey guys, my name is Kfour and I write for a website called BarraDois (like the /2 command in chat). It’s a Brazilian website focused entirely in WoW. And yes, I am Brazilian, so apologize for any English errors in the text (I tried my best to avoid making them, trust me <3). In the past Tuesday (also known as yesterday) I’ve made a concept about a new guild system that I want to share with you guys. So, if you allow me, I’ll proceed.

Guilds were always a reality in World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, with the release of new expansions, these organizations lost their strength. What do you think about it?

Guilds (clans, squads, wtv) are one of the best things in MMO games, specially in MMORPG. The need to work in group transforms all your experience while playing online. Aside from that, you can get in touch with people with similar tastes, which allows an awesome experience while you play. When I started to play WOW, back in Wrath of the Lich King, one of the things that captivated me more was the social part of guilds.

Unfortunately, and now I speak for myself and my own experience, I feel that today guilds are not that necessary (I am a filthy casual btw). Of course, high-end guilds or guilds focused in PvP or RP are very important, and the interaction exists. But, for casual players, nowadays you can simply queue for an event with 2 clicks, kill the last boss in the expansion and not talk to anyone while you do that.

In the original post I talk about the origins of the Dungeon Finder, Looking for Group and Raid Finder, but here I will not annoy you with those things.

Let’s start with one thing called “Guild Ranks”

Back in Cataclysm, Guilds could evolve from 1 to 25. In each stage (level) the guild or the members received some perks. The idea was quite good, but not for long. New players or players returning from a pause or a hiatus would rather choose a level 25 guild than a level 2 or 3. Why? Perks. Who didn’t want to have a 10% buff in experience received from missions or killing monsters, have a mobile guild bank or have a Mass Ress? So, what happened was that low-level guilds were empty while rank 25 guilds were full. And those guilds weren’t full for social purposes – just for interest in the perks.

Like I said, with the new tools and new philosophy (or tendency, I don’t work in the gaming area to be able to tell this), even online games like WOW are starting to go a bit “single players”. The follower’s missions, the tools that the game gives you to queue without talking to anyone… Of course, you will need people to run a dungeon or kill a raid boss (of the current expansion, of course). But you can do that, nowadays, without talking to one. I remember that back in WOTLK (and the dungeon finder was a thing back then) you had to belong to a guild in order to have a good chance at doing raids. Yeah, you could go to raids without a guild, but back then, it was harder (at least, that’s what I feel).

But how can we change that?

Well, remove those tools (Dungeon Finder, Raid Finder, Group Finder) is not an option. I have when Blizz takes things to put others – sometimes I think you could have them both (anyone here missing the Master Loot system?). I think Blizzard could implement a totally revamped Guild System. But how that would work? I’ll try to explain!

Guild HUBs

In Warlords of Draenor we had the first experience with HUBs/”Housing” in-game. It was called Garrison. Ok, many of you will be mad with me and will insult me and my mother for this statement, but whatever: I hate the WoD’s Garrison.Don’t get me wrong – the idea was nice. But it was here when WOW started to lose the cooperation and started to go “single player”. Back in those days, players would literally live in their own Garrisons, without leaving. Cities and capitals were empty because everything you needed was inside the Garrison. Trainers, mining nodes, herbs, vendors, auction house (yeah you had to farm those, but you know where I am going with this, right?). With Legion we saw the Garrison 2.0 – also know as Order Halls. This were good – pretty good actually. The housing was from an entire class, cross-faction. You had to leave the Order Hall in order to do some stuff (well, the Order was useful only to get quests, start mission followers and upgrade your weapon). So capitals and cities weren’t empty anymore (well, kind of).

With all these things I started to wonder: Why not a Guild HUB?

This is my dream since Cataclysm to be honest. I bet some other people had similar ideas, so I am not trying to be the new prodigy here – I just want to share this idea and to see your feedback regarding this.

z1jpsx91lc531 - WOW Guild System Concept

The new guild system will have a 3-stage starting point:

  1. Local/Environment
  2. Theme/Focus
  3. Resources

Local (or Environment). This is 100% aesthetics. The Guild Master will choose a place where the housing/HUB will be built. You could have a reasonable amount of “landscapes” to choose, like a snowy mountain with a cave; a vast plain with a lake; an underground-rocky cave system… Well, just search for different types of terrain and landscapes inside WOW and its fair.

Theme/Focus. This is where the thing starts to get fun! The Guild Master will choose one of three possibilities of Guild Focus/Theme (let’s call it Type). This is extremely important. The Local/Environment is purely visual – the Guild Type is essential, and it will determine everything inside your HUB. You can choose one from three possibilities:

– PvE oriented Guild

– PvP oriented Guild

– RP oriented Guild

I will tell you more about this below. But now let’s go to the third and final stage.

Resources. The Guild Resources would be similar to War Resources (BfA) or Garrison Resources (WoD), but with a catch: all resources are sent to the Guild Bank. The members will not have access to it: only the GM and the Officers (if the GM allows it, of course). Everything you do while in a group with a guildie will award Guild Resources. More guildies in a group = more resources income. Those resources will be used to develop your HUB (like the Garrison). But now, let’s see the differences between the Guild Types (and how Guild Resources could be used to develop that specific HUB).


PvE Oriented Guild

This HUB will have details that will help PvE players.

3sey3vp3lc531 - WOW Guild System Concept

Inside your HUB (or base) you could find vendors that could sell improved Flasks, Ventus Runes, Scrolls and other consumables that are highly used in Raiding or Mythics+ situations. For example, if a Ventus Rune gives you a 100 increase in stats, the PvE Ventus Rune will give you 110 (or 120, this is just an example). Aside from this, inside the HUB you could have some special training dummies. Rather than being those static ones, you could program the dummy (via interface) for it to cast abilities, move, or doing other kinds of stuff, so players can practice. Last, but not least, you could have some PvE special events, like a daily mythic dungeon (to be completed while in a 5 man guild group) or a weekly event, like the Argus weekly invasion. Needlessly to say you must be in a 100% guild group to queue for those special events.In a weekly basis (like the PvP or Mythic + weekly chest) the GM could open the Guild Weekly Chest in order to collect some extra Guild Resources. Players from the same guild clearing Raids and Dungeons while in a 100% guild group would also have a chance to get and extra loot in bosses.

PvP Oriented Guild

The PvP oriented Guilds will have similar things to the PvE guilds, but adapted to PVP, of course.

5gg8psj4lc531 - WOW Guild System Concept

Inside the HUB you could have some rings and areas for PVP (similar to the Ring inside the Warrior’s Order Hall), so the members could practice their PvP skills. Special vendors could also be recruited (I will explain this later on) with flasks, enchants or other kind of stuff that would help the PvP players in PvP situations (Arenas, BGs and the newly Warfront PVP – I have a concept of this, if you want I can post it here as well).The Warfront PVP system would be available in a 10 v 10 and 20 v 20 version and only if the party is 100% guildie (like the PvE ones).

ug77zhtvlc531 - WOW Guild System Concept

Players from the same guild doing Arenas will receive more Guild Resources and extra loot chance and if a guild runs BGs with a 100% guild group the same idea happens.Finally, the Garrison Sanctuary (or a similar version of it) will be available so members of the guild (and the guild itself) can have some PvP missions in open world.

RP Oriented Guild

This one is a bit harder. Firstly, because I am not an avid RP player and because I don’t know if it is possible to measure how much time people spend together online. But I have it a shot – help here is fundamental.

axysjqm7lc531 - WOW Guild System Concept

Firs of all, the environment will be based in a hotel or inn – that would be the base of the HUB. With the Guild Resources, the GM could improve the inn, like buying more tables, build a fishing dock near the lake, create a garden, buy more tables/beds for the inn, stuff like that. Aside from that, some special vendors would be available to join your HUB. Craftsmen (Blacksmithers, Tailors and Leatherworkers) would give you news and exclusive transmogs (usable only for those in a RP Guild). Members of an RP guild could also modify the colors from their gear (a mix between the Tabard Creator menu in WOW and the tint gear possibility in Diablo – for example). Also, the RP HUB will have one thing that the PvE or PvP don’t have: the chance to allow players from other RP Guilds to enter your HUB (similar to the visitation mode in WOD Garrison).

Guild Resources

All those additions (vendors, buildings, queue do PvE or PvP special events) must be bought. The currency, of course, it’s the Guild Resource.

f9azvx4alc531 - WOW Guild System Concept


“Hey Kfour but you said that people in Cata always chose level 25 guilds… With this type of HUBs people would rather choose guilds with developed HUBs.”

Yes, that’s why I’ve came up with one thing called Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points are like the Guild Reputation bar. Content inside the guild HUB would have a minimum-loyalty level requirement to be used. So the vendors would only see to members with level 2 loyalty. The Warfront PVP or Weekly PVE event only for those with level 5 loyalty. How to improve your Guild Loyalty? Doing content with guildies (regular raids and dungeons), contribute with Guild Resources, and stuff like that.

“But Kfour, a person could buy an PvE Ventus Rune and sell it”

No. All the itens acquired in the guild HUB would be Bind on Pickup, to avoid those situations. The best you could do was trade it with another guildie (with the same or more loyalty level than you, of course).

Like I said previously, only the GM and the Officers can use the Guild Resources and improve the guild HUB. The same thing with the Guild Weekly chest.“But Kfour, if the GM develops or buy a thing that I didn’t wanted in the HUB?”.Well, this is more a commonsense discussion than a mechanical situation. Try to chose a guild with a talkative and comprehensive Guild Master who loves democracy above anything else.

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Well, and this is all.

What are your opinions regarding this?

Can’t wait to read <3

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