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WoW has always been like this. We’re just experiencing Legion hangover…

wow3 - WoW has always been like this. We're just experiencing Legion hangover...

In my opinion, BFA actually has a fair amount of content. Honestly, more content than most of the old expansions everyone likes to pretend were chocked full of things to do. I remember back in Wrath, there was no content for over a year as we were waiting for Cataclysm to release. I remember playing Cataclysm and getting bored after a month. I remember playing Mists and getting bored after a month. I remember playing WoD and getting bored after a month. I usually came back around towards the end of these expansions when I could spend another month or two doing things the expansion built up over time.

Legion was the only expansion where I was consistently subbed for almost the entire time. The expansion, in my opinion, was the best experience I've had playing World of Warcraft. To me, it felt like there was so much to do that it could have even lasted longer without me getting bored. I liked leveling all the different classes to experience their different class halls, artifacts, class mounts, etc. There was just an overload of things to do. That doesn't include all the little patches they implemented over the course of the expansion, including little things like the Chromie thing and of course the big thing Mage Towers.


I think BFA, in comparison, feels bad. Of course. We have Legion hangover. But to me, BFA feels closer to what the game felt like in Wrath, Mists, Cata and WoD. It felt like the game was more focused on having one character to gear up, and your alts felt sort of pointless. That's what it felt like during those times. It didn't feel that way in Legion because every alt had a new experience at max level, and you were excited to reach max level as a result.

I actually quite enjoyed BFA for the first couple months. I have every reputation at exalted except the Magni one, so yeah I did play it through. But that's the thing. Once I did everything on my one character, I have no reason to level up more characters because they won't have a different experience. It reminds me exactly of how WoW felt pre-Legion because I would get bored fairly quickly. But, let's be real here. BFA is not nearly as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

Legion was like a high/drug, and we're just experiencing the hangover. Also doesn't help most people are constantly making circle-jerk threads, and pointing out every single little fault of the game without realizing the game was sort of always like this. Also, doesn't help that now that Vanilla is coming out, so everyone feels like they can make fun of retail because they have something to fall back onto. This mostly applies to streamers and youtubers.

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