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WowUp got a Cease and Desist yesterday from Overwolf.

wow4 - WowUp got a Cease and Desist yesterday from Overwolf.

EDIT: It looks like I misunderstood the original post from WowUp concerning a Cease and Desist. They are in talks for the future of both apps.

That said,
our stance on scraping curseforge 19f4559a322a - WowUp got a Cease and Desist yesterday from Overwolf.

Overwolf is still cracking down on the scraping of Curseforge w/ their defense being:

CurseForge does not have an official API for 3rd parties who want to download files from its servers. The way some addon managers do it today, is by reverse engineering the calls between the Twitch Client and the CurseForge backend. A good analogy is someone continuously scraping Spotify’s full song catalogue, and streaming songs from Spotify’s servers on a standalone app without receiving the artists consent to do so.

Link and short summary:

We all knew from the beginning that one day the powers that be would be coming one day. That day was yesterday. Yesterday I was approached by a member of the Overwolf team who essentially told me I could either join them by embedding WowUp into their framework or stop using the CurseForge API.

For those not in the know a few months ago Overwolf bought Cursforge from Twitch and as such gained control of all their addons.

Now Overwolf says: (
WoWHead article)


We know that CurseForge has been scraped forever and the team at Twitch has been fighting it and sending C&D letters back and forth. So, why is this a problem?

Putting aside the legal jibber jabber, when you scrape you:

  • Distribute the authors’ intellectual property without their consent
  • Prevent us from tracking engagement, and therefore you impact authors’ earnings
  • There’s a full team working on building and maintaining the CurseForge backend, support, file moderation etc., and you’re using this (and our bandwidth) without consent and against terms of service.

Personally, I don't know many mod authors that make addons to turn a profit and I don't like that Overwolf paints this as if they're a champion for the mod authors when a far simpler explanation is that forcing traffic to their app increases their advertising profits.

If you were planning on, or are already, using a different manager you might want to check in and see what's up b/c it's likely they won't be able to access ~90% of published addons.

Doesn't necessarily mean there's no longer a path they can take. Many authors have Git repos that those managers could utilize and if you have an addon you truly love using I'd encourage you to reach out and ensure they do have one.


If you don't already know how I made a post detailing how to manually install addons and for those who truly do not care, Overwolf will be releasing their first public build on the 20th.

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