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WW in SL beta #deleteSEF

wow6 - WW in SL beta #deleteSEF

So right now WW monks are currently the only spec without a blue post and it feels awful when nothing is working as intended 3 out of the 4 covenant abilities are bugged. Blizzard ask for feedback but we cant give actual feedback when what is being tested cannot actually be tested as intended. i fully expect all the covenant abilties to get fixed but what i dont expect to get fixed anytime soon is whats been plaguing the class for years now.

-scaling issues

-SEF bugs

-cookie cutter and weak talents

-WDP not able to be used when at high haste percentages, like during lust for instance.

-touch of karma and fortifying brew as offensives

-2H still do not work for WW as intended since alpha

youll see the 3 other WWs who are posting say the same thing as i am. because its an actual problem that WW has had for awhile now, and im not trying to say WW has had it bad for the longest or has had it the worst. but its about damn time we get our problems fixed as well. the biggest thing that would fix a lot of the spec issues is removing SEF. many will agree class fantasy can step aside if the spell has been buggy since its first rendition and so on. Blizzard seemly cannot fix the issues with SEF and its about time for it to go. Removing SEF would require some talents and the new conduits to be changed/removed, like spiritual focus and coordinating strikes. with the removal of SEF we could either get a new cooldown or serenity baseline. Serenity itself needs a hefty buff to be viable where its currently at, which segues into my next point talents.


currently talents are either too strong or too weak. WDP isnt broken its that serenity and spiritual focus are too weak to be used currently, serenity was only brought up in legion because of the 6p during ToS which made serenity shine, without it we defaulted back to WDP. HC is also too strong and the other talents in that row are weak as well. HC is unituitive and is just a copy of our mastery. the only thing it adds to the overall gameplay is a punishment that is too strong. losing out on 6% of your damage does not feel good when we already do little damage as it is. we just need some talent tuning not an entire overhaul. the first row of talents feels really good and it actually depends on the encounter and so forth and brings the most meaning, however they bring little to no impact on the overall gameplay of the spec.

the next thing that im going to bring up is blizzard does not like that we are using karma as an offensive cooldown, theyve even called it degenerate. however they exacerbate the problem when they readd fortifying brew into it and make the offensive capabilities of it stronger, karma should not reflect back damage and should just be an absorb. currently in the beta, post nerf, its still doing a nice chunk of our damage.

Currently a lot of things are bugged in the beta for WW but again, those are bound to get fixed hopefully sooner rather than later, but it doesnt feel good to play things that arent working as intended and then go seemingly ignored by blizzard. we got name changes to our legendaries though. so i guess thats cool. but Monks and WWs especially are falling off the edge when it comes to being played. and it doesnt help that blizzard just puts them on the back burner and ignores them.

EDIT: thanks for the awards guys, it means a lot, hopefullly this post will gain some more traction and someone at blizzard will see it. that would be nice. but again thanks for the support i love seeing all of us WWs come together

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