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Yet another fan-made allied race idea

wow4 - Yet another fan-made allied race idea

I know, not original, but I'm bored and this is fun. Feel free to tell me your own ideas. If you're mad at yet another useless allied race idea, go away. I know it's silly but I'm having fun thinking about a game we both really like so don't be mean >:(

I love Tuskarr, as do many of us. I don't see any relevant lore reasons for making them an allied race, but I love them anyway, so here's my idea.

Classes: Druid, Shaman, Warrior, Hunter, Death Knight, Monk

Languages: Common/Orc (depending on faction), Kalu'ak

Racial Ability: Harpoon. Fire out a harpoon onto a target, does damage, and pulls them towards you. For a short time they are tethered to you in melee. Yeah, it's strong for melee classes and PvP but it sounds fun and thematic. Balance it on the amount of damage it does, its range, and duration of tether.

Racial Attributes: Master Angler – +15 to fishing, chance to fish up extra fish. They're pretty good fishers.

Swim Speed – They have a swim speed same as druid aquatic form. Druids still benefit from water breathing and the wild charge talent so it's still slightly better.

Cold Resistance – Takes less cold damage. They like the cold.

Big Game Hunter – Bonus damage to elite and boss enemies. This one took a while to come up with. Most races get a small damage or stat bonus somewhere, and I had trouble coming up with something thematic and not already taken. I like this idea because, lorewise, Tuskarr are big hunters of whales and other huge mysterious monsters in the sea. They're good at planning and executing hunts of powerful monsters, so why wouldn't that translate to bosses and elites? Probably only be like 1% extra damage, I'm no high end raider so I dunno if that'd cause everyone to switch to Tuskarr but I like the concept.


Racially Specific Models

Shaman Totems
File:Ss12 hires - Yet another fan-made allied race idea

Little versions of these moai statues, but with a glow around the base and the eyes to denote which totem it is.

Hunter Starting Pet – Lion Seals, Bite & Fishy Stink – Lion Seal coughs up a fishy stink, sickening attackers and reducing damage dealt to it by 50% – they also get Play like foxes, where they balance a ball on their nose.

Currently not tameable but might as well, eh? Update the model because they're ugly as sin, make a few skin colors, easy-peasy.

Druid Forms – Pretty much the same as Tauren for colors, however no horns, but walrus tusks instead, with bushy eyebrows.

Character Customization

They already have surprisingly customizable models, but a little update and adding in more options would be warranted. Untie tusk carvings from skin color, and add a bunch of options. More beard, whisker, and eyebrow options for males, and add in a female model (which might have concept art somewhere since there is a credit for a female VA for Tuskarr out there).

Add jewelry like little scrimshaw items, or carved stone whale tails, etc.

Racial Mount – I dunno for this one. Turtles 100% make sense, but that's kinda taken by Pandaren. I had half a thought of maybe a rhino, or mammoth? An updated mammoth model would be really nice I think, and it's not any bigger than Elekk.

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