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You can get wrongly banned with just player reports. Please be careful, especially when farming a lot [x-post from /r/woweconomy]

wow10 - You can get wrongly banned with just player reports. Please be careful, especially when farming a lot [x-post from /r/woweconomy]

I want to preface this by saying I've never done anything against the WoW EULA/TOS (cheating, botting, RMT, etc.), but I'm hoping by posting this that I can help some of you avoid getting suspended or banned, assuming of course you don't break any rules yourself.

About a week ago I posted this thread (LINK) on how I got my Brutosaur in a month. I did it completely by farming herbs and camping the auction house 6-10hrs a day on one toon.

Now of course I did have quite a bit of competition farming and cancel/posting so much, and I can only assume I got reported by other players when they saw me gathering/auctioning morning to night. I guess it didn't help that I never accepted party invites when farming (I prefer to gather solo since I farm fast) and I always tried to gather ahead of multiboxers, too (so if a multiboxer has 5 toons, that's 5 reports I guess).

Anyway, less than 24 hours after I bought my Bruto I got hit with a permanent ban. I didn't even receive an email explaining why (usually you get an email with the ban reason), and my first 2 appeals got a canned response saying the penalty will be upheld and they will not look into it further.

For my 3rd appeal, I could tell it was an actual GM (s/he will start the ticket with "Hi! GM ___ here…") and s/he said the penalty length was wrong and changed my ban from permanent to 6 months. Together with this, I finally got an email with the reason for the penalty:

Violation: Cheating

Your fellow players reported you for cheating. This includes actions like botting, and exploiting game mechanics.

However, s/he didn't really investigate the ban other than the ban length. After seeing other cases only get investigated/overturned after multiple tickets, I continued submitting appeals.


Examples of such cases:

  1. Overturned (farming too much, overturned after 8 tickets):

  2. Overturned (logged in out of country, got help after Araxom looked into it):

  3. Overturned (overturned after 7 contacts):

  4. Overturned (multiple appeals/tickets):

My 4th, 5th, and 6th appeals got canned responses as well.

However, with my 7th ticket they replied that due to my persistence, if I continued to submit tickets they could put penalties on my Blizzard account and even terminate it. I'm too scared to create another appeal now since I care a lot about my account (almost a decade old with 300+ mounts).

I don't know what to do, it genuinely feels terrible to be penalized for playing too much. I guess I may as well give up here and just wait out the 6 months as I don't want to risk my entire Blizzard account.

I hope my post at least helps some people here avoid a similar fate.

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