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Ythisens tweets about the layoffs, the support they have received and working with the WoW team.

wow8 - Ythisens tweets about the layoffs, the support they have received and working with the WoW team.

>So yesterday was a roller coaster but here's the highlight: Got laid off Trended in California, My tweet was #4 on r/all, Was #1 on r/wow and r/classicwow.>

I got so many people from so many places messaging both with support and love as well as people from other studios help find me a home. You get a little lost in the numbers sometimes and forget how many people you actually interact with but I've been in tears constantly because I truly didn't know. Thank you seriously everyone. I have some parting words that I want to say here so lets go.

1) This was not something that anyone wanted regardless of studio or executive. I refuse to believe that anyone actually wanted to do this. It's cruel yes, but it's the beast when you're publicly traded. I'd still work for J. Allen Brack again.

2) Please be kind to @devolore he's a lot nicer and genuinely does care more than he leads you all to believe. I loved working with him and learned a lot. I wouldn't have been good at my job if it wasn't for things I learned working with him.

3) From my understanding the WoW team didn't really "have a say" in what was happening. Please don't hold it against them. There's good people on that team that I'll remain friends with forever no matter what happens.

4) I had a lot of pride in being able to work with all of the content creators for @Warcraft. I was a fan of almost all of you so it meant a lot to me that I got to work with you professionally. As for who is taking over, I'll try to let you guys know when they figure it out.


5) I understand if you're upset. You have a right to be, I am too. Make your voices heard in all aspects as it continues for WoW. I've been on the other side and seen how loud you guys can be, trust me when I say they can't ignore it and it does cause change.

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6) I'll be continually updating my LinkedIn but obviously I'm looking for a new home and I appreciate any help/recommendations. I've got a few things I'm looking into already but you never know.

7) I'm still going to be involved with the @Warcraft community. I'm never going to go away and I hope you'll see me involved with a few things soon. My passion for the industry was spawned from WoW and that will never change.

8) Please share love to my fellow colleagues that were also laid off, @Blizzard_Ent lost a lot of talent today not just CMs. People that made everything run from so many departments were hit by this and it sucks, they were really good people and they didn't deserve this.

9) I know I've spoken to him already but I want to say that it was a pleasure working with @WatcherDev. I will cherish and value every day that I got to work with his team and him because it's what I got in this industry to do. He's a good Game Director and he does care.

I think I'll end it there. I might talk about it more as it sinks in a little more but it's still very disheartening. Thank you all again both players, industry, and my Blizzard family for all the messages. You don't know how important it is to us to hear from you.

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