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Zul’jin in Shadowlands

wow3 - Zul'jin in Shadowlands

Most people will likley remember the TBC God's of Zul'Aman trailer. I link a fan made updated version of if here:

Now in the right mod, let's get to it. Zul'jin the warlord of the Amani was a very intelligent and cunning Troll. He managed what before him no other Amani could since the Troll wars, uniting every Forest Troll tribe under his banner. He was a great leader and had the best future for his people in mind. He saw when it benefited them to unite with the Horde (after first hesitations), but also understood that at the end they were on their own. Zul'jin was the first Troll hero in Warcrafts history, with that I mean going by the games in Warcraft 2. He is a beloved character and many people still feel like his potential was wasted in TBC. He is brought up regularly in lore discussions and fan art of him is still getting made.

In Shadows Rising and BFA we also learn that a loa will gain or lose power with monuments build to them. In Tal'Aman the Amani district in Dazar'alor the Amani have build multiple statues of Zul'jin. This could perhaps have some influence on him in his afterlife.

This thread is a request to include one of the most beloved Troll characters in Shadowlands. Even if he's only a npc with a view lines you can talk to.

I sure would love to see him addressing the Amani, or the global situation. Perhaps even the situation and some problems in the Shadowlands. Perhaps this could even lead him to advise the Forest Trolls to renew their bond with the Horde, or make peace.


That's not the main point though and simply an idea. Even though I would like something like that. The (I hope humble) request from a long time fan remains: Please can you include Zul'jin in the Shadowlands? He deserves a got spot in the Troll afterlife.

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