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2.8M Free XP to burn: Småland vs Research Bureau?

WorldOfWarships3 - 2.8M Free XP to burn: Småland vs Research Bureau?

This is very long winded, like post things I post online, but hopefully the analysis will help any others with a ton of FreeXP and who are wavering.

I am currently sitting on 2,854,194 Free XP with over 256M credits and 18,000 research points.

520029928,SoothingWhaleSong - 2.8M Free XP to burn: Småland vs Research Bureau?

I've over 5100 Random battles, enjoy ranked until I don't but I'm not in a Clan that does CB. I am most definitely a BB main (BBs 50%, cruisers 30%, 20% DDs)

I already have Nelson, Alaska and Friesland and all three are great, even if I suck with Friesland.

The most obvious answer is to buy Småland before she goes in a few days with 0.10.1. I've read a lot of positive analysis of the ship and it's strengths in the competitive scene but between already having Friesland and Halland I wonder if I'll actually get much play from it. I often find myself playing more T9 than T10 these days.

From what I've read I don't see a huge reason to go for Azuma, Agir or Hayate, being the weaker and less interesting of the Free XP ships. Although I see some people give them some love

The Alternative is to splurge it into the Research Bureau which I have mostly been ignoring until now but it does have some interesting ships.

The lines I have researched: Harugumo, Gearing, Khabarovsk, Venezia, Halland, Republique, Hindenberg, Conqueror, Kremlin, Montana, Yamato

All of which could be reset and reground for 20400 RP each with the x2 bonus.

Using the excellent
wowsft tool XP tool it looks like: Harugumo (677K), Gearing (712K) Khabarovsk (725K) and Venezia (733K) would be the cheapest of my lines to just rebuy with freeXP.

(I am vaguely aware there is something slightly clever you can do using line resets with the cheapest lines that also split Harugumo & Shima and Khaba' & Groz but I think this is most efficient if I had actually already had them to reset))

Now I am aware I somewhat foolishly missed the trick of resetting my cheapest lines a few days ago for the x4 bonus.

However until the end of 0.10.0 it's also a good time to reset everything as I can demount the modules, not that the credits saved would likely matter much to me at the moment.


I could actually *just* reset all 4 lines for 2,845,200 total XP leaving me with a whole 8K Free XP left and with a total of 99600 RP (enough for both Paolo & Siegfried!) but more likely I'd just reset Haru' and Gearing for PE/Sieg'/Col' (1.39M Free XP) and also do Khaba' for Ohio/Slava, (2.12M Free XP)

I already have the Yamato, Montana and Hindenberg unique upgrades and really just dislike the fact they were moved to the RB to every buy one from it.

Out of the RB ships:

Slava 63K RP has it's absurd accuracy and pen' but I don't like the squishy sniper BB playstyle, and I already have Thunderer that suits that role (which likewise care less about opponents who actually angle)

Ohio 62K RP I unsurprisingly love my Massa' and my Georgia. Whilst Monty was my first tier 10, so Monty/Massa hybrid does sound pretty cool… but also having all 3 of the above makes me unsure how much variance I'll get out of it.

Colbert 57K RP I never got Smolensk and there are obvious parallels with Colbert being less easy mode lacking soviet ballistics, smoke, torps and bullshit armour. It can be pretty nasty however I understand it has been smacked hard by some pre-release nerfs, the IFHE changes and further hit by loss of AFT & BFT, DE nerf etc. I don't care that much for the island hugging, HE spamming playstyle and think my Minotaur has more utility, but I could be convinced otherwise.

Siegfried 47K RP This is the other ship that really interests me, I know 0.10.0 has nerfed the hell out of being the only secondary cruiser, but 381mm guns with cruiser (not supercruiser!) dispersion does sound pretty rad. But I do already have Alaska and Odin, so unsure how much I really gain.

Paolo Emilio 43K RP The Yolo looks hilarious but in honesty not sure how well I would be able to reliably execute the meme, likewise I suspect more and more players are getting wise to anticipating the play style these days.

So really the question is: how much is Ohio or perhaps Siegfried (or both if I can grind for one further line reset) worth vs Småland that's going away in a few days?

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