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2+ flak NEEDS to go back to AA Mod 1

WorldOfWarships4 - 2+ flak NEEDS to go back to AA Mod 1

This is coming from a CV main.

The change to Auxiliary Arms mod 2 was a good move in which combining secondaries and AA meant that secondaries builds now has multiple roles, but it did more for battleships than cruisers and destroyers.

At mod slot three you you have very few choices for mods since literally no one is going to take AA mod 1 unless they pickup the ridiculously expensive Massive AA perk (it needs to be 2 or 3 points), which is only viable on SOME DD only which have long enough range AA, but no damage or multiple flak to it. Pretty much the Shima line exclusively, but it's not possible again because other DD important perks take up the points.

If you don't need turret traverse speed on your cruiser and it has already decent sigma and dispersion, you have very little of value to take for the third mod slot, and nothing for destroyers if you can't take a full dedicated build for something else.

This also makes low tier CV problems worse.

Sector reinforcement up time is all well in good, but it doesn't help team play. Most of the ships AA dps is in the midrange which begins from 3.0km to 3.5km generally. So unless you are really close to your friend that reinforcement isn't helping much. What DOES help is positioning 4km instead so that when planes dive bomb, you create flak bursts on top of your friend. More flak count equals more flak walls means im fucked as a CV means YOU SAVED YOUR FRIEND.


I can eat the mid-range AA for a few seconds if I'm quick no problem. If I see 3 ships positioned 4km from each other with high flak counts (Smolensk, JB, etc), then that place is a no fly zone and my team can complain about me helping all they want as it ain't happening. (Exaggerating)

On the other hand if if you are a lone cruiser camping behind a mountain or near someone with flak count that doesn't matter, then I'm going to fuckin triple citadel your ass. Then proceed to see you talking about sky cancer on Reddit along with -2 karma. This is a fact. Any decent CV player knows not to linger around in mid range AA. We are in and out 3 seconds.

Tdlr add 2+flak to AA mod 1, it can keep the recovery time. Can remove it from Aux arms mod 2 and buff all it's stats another 5-10% if need be. Flak support is team play.

Tier 3 mod choices are shit right now plz fix thx. The low tiers will thank you. Traverse mod change is nice but you only take it if you need it. You can live without dispersion sometimes. American battleships don't need more range either…

Sorry for rant.

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