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+200% brings out the best of the best.

WorldOfWarships4 - +200% brings out the best of the best.

Since the +200% I played 80 games – with a winrate of 15%. This is part of my therapy, so bear with me.

Here are the top 3 most hilarious moments of it.

3rd place: During a game that we seem to be finally winning me (Monarch) and a Nagato rush a low health Georgia to kill him off fast and support our other flank. I start to go leftish, Nagato goes right so the Georgia is screwed no matter what and then we can finally win a farking game.

But no, our Benson picks this very moment to finally find his balls and rushes in behind us. In total obliviousness he torps the Georgia… but me and Nagato is in the way literally TWO km away from him.

One spread hits the Nagato, which the Georgia finishes off with his secondaries. I need to dodge his 2nd spread and thus the Georgia gets a good volley into my side bringing me to 1/3rd and then kills me after his next slavo with his secondaries while RAM killing the Benson (ie double kill, secondary kill, ram kill as well as fire proof and a dreadnought for good measure).

Georgia then gets prime flanking shots into the rest of our team and carries his team to the win and gets 2.7k base exp. WP, sir, WP.

2nd place: During an agressive push in my Dimitry Donskoy I radar spot an enemy Jervis at middle cap and get two good salvos in leaving him at under 5k hitpoints before he can scurry away into island cover.

Behind that very island sits our full health Friesland in his smoke with hydro running and spams away at enemies far away. I think: that Jervis is done for and turn my attention away…

Next time I look the Jervis killed the Friesland?! WHAT?!?!? HELLO?!?!

Despite being spotted for almost a minute due to my radar and his own Hydro he somehow missed the Jervis entirely until said Jervis proximity spotted/hydroed him and started to shoot and torp him and then he sailed directly into that torp spread. That Jervis then also kills our Iowa and carries their team to the win for 2.9k base exp. I hope this was his +200% bc he can probably skip right to the Lightning with that amount of exp.


WINNER: Do you think it is possible to get killed not only before any shots are fired but even before a single ship is spotted?

Our Yugumo shouts "hold my beer" while frontally hitting a reload boosted Kitakaze wide spread blind fire torp on the way to the B cap.

Thats a feat that few can claim to have accomplished. He also proved that no matter how stupid the enemy is (who wastes TRB at the start of the game for a blind widespread?!) your team will find ways to be even more stupid.

We lose that game as our two other DDs also find ways to get themselved killed before I even get to fire my third volley in my Monarch. The game ends with 0:9 by points shortly afterwards.

Runner up: A fellow german clan division (Conqueror, Republique, Iowa) sticks together and runs behind the islands at the edge of Okinawa when it was obvious that apart from a lone Brindisi there would be noone there bc all other enemies are spotted at the center or the other flank.

They then sail behind these islands (despite my pleading to turn to the center) and fail to kill that lone Brindisi while the rest of the team donates themselves one by one to the massed enemies and the game ends at a score of 0:8 due to points.

I check their stats afterwards and the whole clan has one member above 48% winrate… One. Their conq is at 37% with over 8k games both others are at 42%. These guys division themselves into oblivion. I cant even be mad bc they are probably enjoying this and each others company but, well, it was another day where I did not manage to +200% on my Dim Don before I had to quit.

Thanks for your kind patience – I almost feel ready to face another evening of WoWS now.

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