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200% Doubloon Cashback Fraud – An explanation before we all get out pitchforks out

WorldOfWarships3 - 200% Doubloon Cashback Fraud - An explanation before we all get out pitchforks out


The 200% doubloon cashback is not:

Doubloon Received = 2 * Purchased Items's doubloon value 

It is:

Doubloon Received = 2 * Doubloon equivalent of money spent 

Add in confusing explanation + absolutely shit customer service, it's a disaster waiting to happen.

Since WG customer support is being unprofessional as always (even though they should have and could have explained it clearly), and our WGEU representative isn't doing any damage control on this escalating (and pretty serious) issue, thought I would do WG a favor by offering a logical explanation before this sub turns into a shitstorm.

Before we start, I need to make this clear: No, I'm not a WG shill. If you have been on this sub long enough you would know that I'm pretty vocal about a number of WG's shady business practices. However, I am certain this ain't one. While WG is very greedy, they are a big enough company to know the boundary between legal and million dollar fines.

Now let's start, first of all, the 200% coupon works as it should all the time before, in fact we often get posts on this reddit on what ship to get with the coupon or on how it works, if the 200% coupon had been broken, or is somehow misleading, we should be getting a lot more post then this.

This is in fact not the case here, as we have only been getting reports today, and they are all focused on one group-Indian players on EU. So what happened?

We need to know how this coupon works, it says
j8MeduB - 200% Doubloon Cashback Fraud - An explanation before we all get out pitchforks out

'ensures a return of 200% of the doubloon value of any one purchase in the premium shop', a more detailed note says
'provides 200% cashback of the items cost to the game account in doubloons'.

Can you see where this is going? It's in fact, contrary to popular belief, the coupon is not just based on the 'in-game' doubloon value, this coupon takes into consideration of how much money you actually spent.

The actual calculation would look something like this:

Final Doubloon Cashback= 2 * purchase's theoretical doubloon value * ( The amount of real money spent / Purchase's theoretical real money value) 

But wait, since both of the theoretical values should be the same, with basic algebra, you will realise that you can remove them since they cancel each other out, so the equation becomes:

Doubloon Cashback= 2 * The amount of real money spent 

Of course, WG don't give you real money cashback, so it becomes:

Doubloon Cashback = 2 * Doubloon equivalent of money spent 

You can see where this is going, in fact, a few months back someone on the subreddit had a similiar problem and I remembered it clearly since I was the one who answered the OP

In that thread, the OP bought a Texas, with an in-game doubloon value of 5150, he hoped to get 10300 doubloon cashback, but he only got 4482. This is because the OP bought the Texas special offer which is 8 Euros-less than half the price of the normal Texas-and thus, he got the equivalent of 16 euros worth of doubloons.

Our current situation, is, essentially the same thing; Refer to OP's post:

He paid 759 inr for 10,000 doubloons^ , thought he was going to get 2 times that amount which is 20000 doubloons, but got only 6000 doubloons cashback.

(^ Special note here, as per the Indian players' server migration to EU, they receive regional adjusted premium ship prices, which is why it's a lot cheaper than you would be paying)

Let's do some simple calculations:

Divide 6000 by 2. We get 3000 doubloons.

Going on to the EU portal, under 'any amount of doubloons', inputting 3000 and the site tells me that I should pay 14.91$ AUD, a quick google search showed me that as of right now, 14.91 AUD = 726.79 INR.

A-ha! Do you see what I am seeing?

Albeit there is a difference of 4% which can be attributed to currency exchange. The OP got exactly what the coupon says it does, he got 200% doubloon value of items' cost, I.E: the amount he actually spent. Which is exactly what the coupon does.

Of course, in the end, none of this justifies the customer services's absolute shitshow of a response, and the lack of professionalism in their work. Had they explained it clearly, OP and his friends wouldn't be so angry. Wargaming themselves are at fault as well, for they should clarify the coupon more instead of a very rough statement.

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