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410 MM IJN HE, why you should use it more.

WorldOfWarships5 - 410 MM IJN HE, why you should use it more.

(This post is way too long, thx for reading it if you do. Thanks for playing ships and hanging out on Reddit with me either way.)

Also, I'd like to brag that I got a torpedo kill on a Kidd with my Kii in that same battle.

410 MM IJN HE, why you should use it more. (Probably.)

My point here is that you should probably use more HE when shooting at bad guys with your trusty IJN 410s and that you should at least understand why someone else might make that choice.)

Maybe you already realize how good it is?

Maybe you're so good at the game you're always taking shots where the AP is actually better.

My first point is that it's quite good, my second, and more important point is that you should at least realize that when you see an IJN battleship shooting HE it doesn't mean that player doesn't know what he's doing, and argue with him about his ammo choice.

I know some of you won't believe me, and won't be swayed by the numbers I'm going to give, but Potato Quality and Flamu have both discussed that the HE in these guns is well worth using. (Their opinions and outlook are not necessarily the "FINAL WORD" and not always applicable to your or my gameplay. But they are pretty good at this game.

Mutsu, Nagato, Kii, Amagi, Hizen, Ashitaka, and Izumo all fire the same HE Shell

Max Damage 6,500 Fire chance 30%, 68 mm armor penetration.

The HE shells fired by the royal navy BBs at tiers 6-8 aren't much better than that. In fact, they all do less damage per shell, although their fire chance is better, their DPM is similar, and most of them have better penetration. Although that's not a huge advantage since 68 mm gets the job done against most of what you're shooting at with these ships.

The superior fire chance for UK HE is slightly offset by the fact the IJN ships all have more guns than their RN counterparts.

The HE alpha is similar. UK DPM is mostly slightly better. (I didn't run detailed numbers for each ship.) Kii & Amagi have slightly better HE alpha than their T8 counterparts, 'cause they do 200 more damage per shell (6,500 vs 6,300) and have 10 guns.

So, the IJN 410 mm rifles have pretty good HE.

"BUT The AP is better!" Is what you might say if you were a strawman that I just made up.

Sometimes it is.

These battleships all fire the same HE shell, and ballistics don't really matter when shooting HE.

But they don't all fire the same AP shell, they don't all have the same velocity, and because they have different ranges they don't all have the same arc either. {As you know AP penetration is a complex subject.}


But it's fair to generalize here and say that against the targets you're usually shooting at the AP penetration is pretty suspect on Mutsu, Ashitaka, and Nagato. Hizen's AP doesn't seem to be any better than Amagi, which 'feels' a lot better than Kii, although that's probably more about Sigma than actual penetration. Izumo has great penetration, and you can land pretty tight groups both because of gun placement and accuracy.

All those ships shoot the same HE shell.

6,500 max damage 68 mm pen and 30% fire chance isn't impressive at tier 9.

The Izumo has the penetration and accuracy to use its AP to good effect. (And it's AP has the highest max damage.)

Hizen's AP is inferior and it's got 3 more guns.

Mutsu has terrible accuracy and AP pen, and you're shooting that same HE shell down at T6, so yes, you should use it a lot.

Even though it's a tier higher Nagato (to me anyway) is more likely to get into positions where the ability to overmatch <27 mm is going to come in handy. So I, at least wouldn't use HE nearly as much.

With the 10 gun ships. Ashitaka, Amagi, & Kii, I think you're often better off shooting HE when you're taking those long-range volleys of opportunity against well-armored targets. Yes, the 30% fire chance is inferior. But remember you have 10 guns and there's not a lot of >68 mm plate out there.

In the Fuso, it's probably worth working in an HE volley against higher tier BBs, the fire chance of its HE shell is only 25%, but you have 12 guns, and a 28 second reload.

Ishizuchi's HE is pretty good, 5K and a 32% fire chance max vs 8K for the AP. But the AP is good.

Besides you're probably too busy running around the map shooting everything to bits and laughing at the other T4 battleships for being comically slow, having glacial turret traverse, and generally being inferior. Ishi's pretty great unless there's an enemy CV who realizes the thing has no AA even compared to other T4 ships, and is almost impossible to miss with a torpedo. (Hosho when it had 2 torps meant "you die now" it's still bad news.)

When that happens run a loop, up to shoot at the enemy and back around your CV since that's about the only thing at T4 with much AA. With a 28 kt top speed and 15.3 km range you probably make that work.

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