World of Warships

9.1- An unmitigated UI disaster (Player opinion)

WorldOfWarships3 - 9.1- An unmitigated UI disaster (Player opinion)

So, I have been deliberating on making this post for some time now, but here we go….

I have been a long time player of this game (Hell, after trying the alpha a while back I bought my way into the CBT and I don't regret that decision). I even have most of the doable free ships sitting in my ever-growing port. BUt since a couple months back it seems like WG is actively trying to lose me as a customer. But there is one thing which puts me off from even starting a battle.

So, what is the one thing WoWs needed less than the totaly balans (Da, comrade) russian cruisers? UI overhaul. Why do I say this? The new UI is a miscarriage of poor handling of the code and lack of understanding of the game itself on what information should be available to the player. There are moments where I want to claw my eyes out and/or hit my head against the wall for simplifying the UI.

I will post two pictures for some of the less obvious things here, just to show what I mean.

Extended statistics ("H menu")

The 9.1 UI has in some cases worsened the gameplay experience as compared to 9.0, here are my current issues/examples of this happening

  1. Top picture: Notice the two different fonts (Rudder and everywhere else)
  2. (Not shown): Ribbon descriptions are smaller than even the H menu fonts and in bold, resulting in them being nigh illegible
  3. Speed gauge changes thicknesses depending on if selected or not (Particularly noticeable with "Full" being selected)
  4. Circular reload indicator (The one incorporated into the crosshair) can be disruptive while aiming for angled citadels-The previous one, which was obstructing less view did not have this issue
  5. IMPORTANT GAMEPLAY EFFECT: Notice the AA guns section at the top: It no longer shows the different ranges and module damage done to long-, mid-, and short-range. This one is particularly annoying. Why does this matter? If you forget your AA ranges you can't see them in-battle. Plus if you have a particularly vulnerable type of AA (Looking at you, Exter), you can't really figure out if that is the one knocked out if an AA gun gets hit in the middle of the fight (You can't really check for it while getting bombarded from an angry torpedo-launching smokescreen)
  6. DD icon looks unnatural compared to the other ones (Even visible when loading into matches) Minor, but annoying to see
  7. Some texts are unnecessarily bold ("Capturing area" is a good example)
  8. (Personal preferrence)- Reload indicator dark backgrounds make it seem as if those consumables were unavailable due to another factor other than the reload timer. Almost forgot to add that this actually means the consumable sprites are smaller in this update

These are just some of the examples of why I think the UI before the update was much better in regards to its use and clarity for the average player who knows a decent amount about the game.

Can you think of any other examples of the new UI not working as intended (And if someone from WG sees this, PLEASE agg the different AA range values+remaining% back.

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