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A bit bored, so I’ve decided to start a theoretical T10 rebalancing thread.

WorldOfWarships6 - A bit bored, so I've decided to start a theoretical T10 rebalancing thread.

This will exclude CVs because they are an entirely different ball game. Please add your thoughts and opinions in comments. I'm a strong player, but that doesn't mean I'm an genius about every ship in the game. I consider myself a dd/ca main along with some experience in bb. I don't play CVs. Ships that I haven't played or I have limited knowledge about I will skip and may add quoted comments from others. Overall I do believe T10 is one of the better balanced tiers, but there's certainly room for improvement.

Destroyers ——————————————-

Shimakaze: No change. While this ship isn't anything amazing, it does it's job well. The buff to it's HE alpha awhile ago was welcome along with the recent buff to it's torps with the new torp mod 3. 15 shima torps still hit like a truck like they always have.

Haragumo: Solid, but can use some rebalancing. Remove bb full AP pens. Decrease HE pen to at least 25mm (also applies to kita, aki, and harekaze). IJN's 100mm guns are OP and have no business having 30mm of base pen in addition to the ridiculous dpm.

Hayate: Haven't played. From what I've heard, I'd say decrease concealment to 5.8km and improve maneuverability.

Khaba: Needs strong buffs. Remove bb full AP pens, decrease rudder shift to 7 seconds (from 11), and increase base range to 12.7 km (same as tashkent).

Grozovoi: Too powerful. Decrease base range to 12.0 km, give it Gearing's improved def AA (for old Groz flavor), increase rudder shift to 5 seconds.

Gearing: The only change would be a model update. The Gearing's model is incorrect and should be closer to a YY's. If you look at the two models compared, you can see this would be a buff to Gearing since YY has a smaller beam and less freeboard.

Somers: No change, I believe the Somers does it's job well. A buff to the gun dpm or hp could be considered, but it could easily make the Somers too strong.

Z-52: Buff the base hp by 1.5k to 21,800 hp. Any buff to concealment cannot be made without an equal nerf to the hydro. Z-52 with an invisi hydro would be a toxic game mechanic (like invisi radar). The recent HE pen buff was strange considering the general Z-52 playstyle, but is a solid buff as it allows the Z-52 to scare cruisers away and consider an AFT gunboat build.

Halland: Tough call. The Halland is too strong, but it's a fragile ship and so cannot be overnerfed. I'd say a nerf to either gun or torp reload is warranted and a maybe decrease of torp range to 13km.

Smaland: I'm not sure where to start with this ship. This ship is objectively overpowered and if Smaland spam ever becomes a thing, the state of the dd meta will not be pretty. I'd say a nerf to dpm to make it the same as Halland (2 sec) and lose 1 of each consumable would be a start, then see where the Smaland is.

Kleber: Needs a nerf, but I'd like it to return to it's former ambush style of gameplay. Decrease range to 12.9 km and increase rudder shift to 6 seconds. Remove unique HE saturation mechanic. Increase turret traverse to 22 seconds. Decrease concealment to 9km base. Leg mod will probably need an adjustment so that Kleber concealment isn't too stupid with it equipped.

Daring: Needs an overall nerf. Decrease base hp to 20,000. Decrease base gun range to 11.9 km, and nerf reload to 3 seconds.

YY: Return it to it's pre-sledgehammer nerf state.

Cruisers ——————————————-

Zao: Needs a buff to keep with the times, but nothing extreme like the Khaba. Increase base gun range to 17 km, improve hp by 4k to 44,800, and give it 32mm central deck and upper belt armor for the return of troll armor.

Yoshino: Haven't played and limited knowledge on the ship. No comment.

Moskva: No change, this ship is in a healthy spot. If anything give it the improved AP angles of the Petro, but that could be too much.

Alexander Nevsky: This ship is too powerful and it will likely be nerfed after the next T10 clan battle season. Nerf the reload to 7 seconds, the range to 18.1 km, and increase shell drag. Remove icebreaker bow. After this look at how the ship sits.

Petropavlovsk: Haven't played, but I'd say it's healthy where it is. The only change would be raising it's freeboard to something normal.


Stalingrad: Has been powercrept into a good spot. Only nerf I'd make is an increase to shell drag.

Smolensk: It's been removed for a good reason and should never have been introduced in the first place. I'm not gonna waste my time on this ship.

Des Moines: Healthy ship, no changes. OP with leg mod in the right hands, but it's a glass cannon.

Worcester: Healthy ship, but I would buff it's AA (or AA skills/mods). The IFHE nerf was a sufficient nerf to Wooster.

Puerto Rico: Haven't played, but it sounds like a healthy ship. No comment.

Salem: Healthy ship, no changes. The zombie heal balances the lack of a leg mod and good radar.

Venezia: Powerful, but a limited ship. No change. Venezia does it's job well, but is very dependent on the matchmaker (gets hard countered by certain bbs).

Hindenburg: Healthy ship, no changes. The increase to it's dpm turned it into quite a monster, but it's still held back by it's poor speed and maneuverability.

Henri IV: Healthy ship after the acceleration was returned to a good state. Great speedy flanker with impressive alpha strike.

Colbert: Haven't played and it's a meme ship from what I've heard. No comment.

Minotaur: Healthy ship, no change other than a buff to it's AA similar to Wooster. It's been powercrept a bit, but Mino is still very effective.

Goliath: Haven't played, but I've heard it's a healthy ship. Still… give it a spotter plane like the rest of the line.

Battleships ————————————–

Yamato: The balancing anchor of all T10 battleships. Healthy ship, no changes.

Shikishima: A good side-grade from the Yammy. Healthy ship and a solid reward for clan battle/ranked play, no changes.

Kremlin: Still needs nerfs. My ideal nerf on it's release would be 406s instead of 457s, but the change seems long gone now. Assuming 457s are kept, I'd decrease turret traverse to 40 seconds, increase freeboard to something normal, increase rudder shift by 2 seconds to 18.3 seconds, increase base concealment to 17.6 km (from 16.5 km), and return the AA module hp to a normal state.

Slava: Haven't played, it sounds strong but is severely limited against bow on targets. No comment.

Montana: Some survivability buffs, but the guns still rock at midrange and less. Decrease rudder shift by 3 secsonds to 19.2 seconds from 22.2 seconds, decrease concealment to 17.3 km from 17.8 km, buff AA or improve AA skills/mods.

Ohio: Haven't played, but it sounds very strong from what I've heard. No comment, but probably needs nerfs.

Kurfurst: Minor buffs. Give it the improved FdG deck armor and improve turret firing angles. I'm a bit of an outlier and I think this is a pretty good ship, but people tend to get way too aggressive with it and call the ship bad when they die.

Republique: Haven't played, but sounds like a healthy and fun ship post IFHE nerf. No comment.

Bourgogne: Pretty ridiculous firepower, but also has the survivability of an Alsace at T9. OP in the right hands, fairly poor in the wrong hands. If I had to I'd say nerf the reload by a second to 29, but I think this ship is fine as a powerful/fun reward for players who can achieve the luxury of having it. Keep in mind to get a Bourgouge you must generally get a Stalingrad first, so it's basically a 58k steel ship.

Conqueror: Haven't played, but sounds like a healthy ship. No changes.

Thunderer: Haven't played, but I've often heard it described as almost OP if you can aim it. Maybe a nerf to reload, but a person who's played it would know better than I would.


Let me know what your thoughts are! If you have any recommendations that I agree with or find interesting, I can post your idea in quotes on the post. Hoping WG sees this so that T10 can be a great state (aside from CVs, that's an entirely different monster). Powercreep has changed this game quite a bit at T10 and the tier can use a readjustment.

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