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A brief comment on the Soviet BBs

WorldOfWarships4 - A brief comment on the Soviet BBs

I'm fairly close to hitting 180k exp on Vladivostok, at which point I'll stop grinding the ship as I believe that much should be enough to unlock Sovetsky Soyuz (and if not, I'll fill the gap with free exp). Due to this, I decided to submit this post and give an opinion on what I've played so far.

Tier 5 Pyotr Veliky – This ship feels like Kongou, except it is a bit smaller, and trades range for heavy armor – a fair trade since I'd rather be at mid-range than try and snipe at 20+km. Only eight barrels can be frustrating though, especially with the 33 seconds reload time and the (lack of) accuracy of most Tier 5 battleships. Will keep it.

Tier 6 Izmail – A real beast and the high point of the line for me so far, this is October Revolution but improved in every way except armor, where it is lacking for Soviet BB standards (I guess there's a reason it's classed as a battlecruiser). The 12 guns are reliable at all ranges due to sheer amount of shells per volley, though the weird turret arrangement (3 facing backwards) can be a bit awkward. Will definitely keep it.

Tier 7 Sinop – I did not get this from the containers, so no opinion so far. I've got enough exp on Izmail to unlock it as soon as it goes live though, so maybe I'll give it a try next patch.


Tier 8 Vladivostok – This feels meh. I've played Roma, and Vladivostok feels like a Roma with more health and the same weaknesses, most notably lack of AA (any CV who wants to drop on you won't have much trouble doing so, even Tier 6 ones, and this with sector reinforcement active at all times). Can be exceptionally tanky when properly positioned, but at this point the limited damage control and one less heal than usual will be felt. Also it might be me being unlucky but the guns can misbehave greatly even within the "cruiser dispersion" threshold. At the same time, I've had some epic moments in this ship, but had to work hard for them. Will most likely sell it as soon as I'm done with it.

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  1. Never show your broadside to anyone. On these ships, broadside = citadel.

  2. AA is weak, so CVs who want to drop on you will do so.

  3. The limited damage control and heal can be a serious drawback in prolonged games or if many red ships focus on you, and remember you're useful to the team as a tank, so getting smacked is in the job description (smacking back is as well).

  4. Do not get hyped by the "cruiser dispersion". The volleys are tighter below 12km but we're still talking about battleship guns, therefore a volley can (and will) misbehave at any given time.

… and that's all I guess. Drop a comment if you agree or disagree or just want to add to what's been said.

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