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A Case for Why Marco Polo’s Secondary Guns Need a Buff

WorldOfWarships4 - A Case for Why Marco Polo's Secondary Guns Need a Buff

Instead of taking the time to draft a post where I flame Wargaming for their lack of oversight in regards to the new ship Marco Polo, I figured I would take a better approach and explain reasons why the Marco Polo's secondary guns in their current state absolutely need a buff. I acquired this ship last night and played some matches in it for testing . I saw mixed reviews from Mountbatten, Flamu, and Flambass as well as other players. I also saw this ship used very well in clan battles and figured I would pick it up as it seems like a great ship overall. The SAP does a significant amount of damage to ships regardless of the enemy being angled. The AP was also very powerful as I was able to hand out some 20-30k damage shots on some heavy cruisers and BBs that showed me their broadsides. I think the main battery performance is excellent, not too OP and not underwhelming. The one thing that did bother me was the secondary guns. During one of my matches I figured I would do some brawling against a Hizen in one match and a FDG in another. Going hull to hull against these ships I was able to get off a significant amount of secondary hits but noticed in both cases that my overall damage delivered had gone nowhere. I wasn't surprised in a way because I listened to the analysis of how the secondary guns can only pen 15mm of armor and with IFHE can only go as far as 18mm of armor. I feel that Marco Polo has a lot of potential to be a great ship both casually and competitively. A buff to the secondary guns is absolutely necessary for this ship for the following reasons:

  1. It will make this ship more competitive when going up against other T9 battleships that have way better secondary guns such as Georgia, Pommern, FDG, or Iowa
  2. It will provide players with alternative builds via secondary captain skills and ship modules
  3. It will help protect the Marco Polo better against DDs as in many scenarios (myself being a DD main) it was very easy to sail right up to the Marco Polo and torp it back to port
  4. It will make this ship more attractive to the player base by making it more competitive which will increase the amount of players wanting to purchase or grind for it to use in ranked or clan battles. Who wouldn't want more revenue or players on their servers?

Overall I think Marco Polo is a great ship and has it's place among the many battleship tech trees. Making this simple buff to where it can pen at least 21-26mm of armor would make it that much better but not make it overpowered. I hope wargaming is reading this as they like technical explanations and not users just ripping them apart with insults. If any of you reading this would like to add to this case, please do. I added a picture of the underwhelming secondary performance from one of my matches and provide evidence to back my case.

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