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A closer look at the Soviet BB line (and ranting about name choices)

WorldOfWarships3 - A closer look at the Soviet BB line (and ranting about name choices)

First off, of course all of this is purely speculatory gleamings from rough and still in progress screenshots so any of the statements in regards to armament can end up to be total garbage once they hit supertest.

Part 1 – the actual "Russian Battleship line":

Tier III – Russian Empire

Князь Суворов


Name: «Prince Suvorov», named after Alexander Suvorov, 1730-1800

Type: Skvortsov M1907 Dreadnought design mixed with a more traditional secondary armament layout

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
5×2 – 305-mm/52 – M1907 14x – 120-mm/50 – M1905 12x – 76.2-mm/30 – M1914


An odd one to start off with, as WG put a few weird twists on the design. While the 1907 design was expected by most as the T3 candidate, the original layout sported a relatively modern arrangement of the secondary guns in low-profile twin turrets, whereas WG opted to instead mount them as traditional casemates to the sides thus significantly raising the middle deck superstructure and the main gun turrets there. Also for whatever reason they decided to arm it with an AA-suite roughly 6 times the expected guns for the time-period…

The name itself also could have been better, as Knyaz Suvorov was a Borodino-class pre-dreadnought that only sunk in 1905.


Tier IV – Russian Empire


GANGUT, 1918

Name: The Battle of Gangut, 1714

Type: Sevastopol-class dreadnought of 1909 with late '10s refit.

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
4×3 – 305-mm/52 – M1907 16x – 120-mm/50 – M1905 4x – 76.2-mm/30 – M1914
4x – 7.62-mm – Maxim


First off, hey look an (for the time period) actually reasonable AA-suite!

Nothing too special here, again the Sevastopol-class as in Russian service was expected for the T4 slot.

The name choice is a bit odd, going with the specific name of Gangut instead of the generic Sevastopol (little trivia: Gangut is already in the game as post-refit Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya).


Part 2 – Inter-period refits under Soviet flag:

Tier V – Russian Empire/Soviet Union

Пётр Вели́кий


Name: «Peter the Great», named after Tsar Peter I Romanov, 1672-1725

Type: Putilov-Blohm&Voss No. 707 Battlecruiser Project of 1914 as modernized early '30s

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
4×2 – 356-mm/52 – M1913 10x – 130-mm/55 – B-7 10x – 45-mm
10x – 37-mm/67 – 70-K


Here's the true oddball of the line, a real obscure design probably right up there with GK's triple turret concept…

Most people expected a modernized Imperatritsa Mariya at T5 though it is not necessarily a bad thing in regards to line continuity for the guns (4×2 356-mm to the 4×3 of Izmail instead of the same layout as Gangut on Mariya) and slightly better speed of this design probably.


Tier VI – Russian Empire/Soviet Union


IZMAIL, 1938

Name: The Siege of Izmail, 1790

Type: Izmail-class battlecruiser of 1914 as modernized late '30s

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
4×3 – 356-mm/52 – M1913 10x – 130-mm/55 – B-7 2×4 – 37-mm/67 – 46-K
4×2 – 130-mm/55 – B-2-U (dual-purpose) 12×2 – 37-mm/67 – 66-K
8×1 – 37-mm/67 – 70-K
8×1 – 12.7-mm/79 – DShKM
  • Turret-mounted aircraft catapult
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Here is where things start to get interesting. A fictional refit Izmail was generally expected as the T6 ship and it shows a nice evolution of the same design as on the October Revolution with a whole ton of 37-mm auto-cannons slapped on wherever possible, though more uniform as the wildly kitchen-sink variety on the OctRev. Especially unique with the addition of a catapult as well as "carving out" space on the deck with removed casemates to mount DP 130-mm twin mounts in their place.


Tier VII – Russian Empire/Soviet Union


SINOP, 1938

Name: The Battle of Sinop, 1853

Type: Kostenko M1917 Black Sea Dreadnought design as modernized late '30s

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
3×3 – 406-mm/45 – M1914 6×2 – 152.4-mm/50 – M1907 5x – 76.2-mm – 34-K
8x – 152.4-mm/50 – M1907 13x – 37-mm/67 – 70-K
6×2 – 100-mm/56 – B-54 (dual-purpose)
  • Turret-mounted aircraft catapult


The Black Sea dreadnought design, again generally expected as the Tier VII. Important here the modernization raised the B-turrets barbette allowing it a super-firing position instead of the 1914 design of it being level and thus blocked frontally by the A-turret.


Also this is actually where I expected the refits to replace the single-purpose turrets with dual-purpose 130-mm which WG instead applied a Tier earlier and instead left them untouched here and instead plopped on additional 100-mm turrets.




Part 3 – Original Soviet designs:

Tier VIII – Soviet Union



Name: «Ruler of the East», named after the City of Vladivostok

Type: KB-4 Type A Battleship (Project 21 to 23 in-betweener) of 1936

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
3×3 – 406-mm/50 – B-37 6×2 – 152.4-mm/57 – B-38 10×4 – 37-mm/67 – 46-K
6×2 – 100-mm/56 – B-54 (dual-purpose)
  • Stern-mounted aircraft catapult


One of the more traditional designs for a battleship slightly after the original Pr. 21 but before the final Pr. 23.

Also a solid choice for a name fitting into the theme of port cities as demonstrated by the ships of Novorossiysk and Arkhangelsk.


Premium Tier VIII – Soviet Union


LENIN, 1945

Name: Vladimir "Lenin" Ulyanov

Type: KB-4 Project 21 Battleship of 1936 with mid '40s refit

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
3×3 – 406-mm/50 – B-37 4×3 – 152.4-mm/57 – B-38 9×4 – 37-mm/67 – 46-K
6×2 – 100-mm/56 – B-54 (dual-purpose) 10×2 – 37-mm/67 – V-11
  • Stern-mounted aircraft catapult


The Soviet Nelson-but-better design (not counting gimmicks like zombie-heals) lends itself actually quite nice as a premium ship. It's pretty much the same as the original Pr. 21 design just with a few more modern and additional twin 37-mms slapped on there for good measure.

Also the name is bit unconventional. Yes there were Soviet battleships (re)named after people (Marat and Frunze) but those were the "old" ones, generally revolutionary names were assigned to cruisers, whereas capital ships were named after places or communist concepts.


Tier IX – Soviet Union

Советский Союз


Name: «Soviet Union», named after the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Type: Project 23 Battleship of 1938 as modernized mid '40s

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
3×3 – 406-mm/50 – B-37 6×2 – 152.4-mm/57 – B-38 8×4 – 37-mm/67 – 46-K
4×2 – 100-mm/56 – B-54 (dual-purpose) 8×1 – 37-mm/67 – 70-K
  • Stern-mounted aircraft catapult
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The render here seems the most rough one actually, missing a few 100-mm and a lot of 37-mm guns to even match up with the actual 1938 design let alone a possible 1945 refit.

I actually expect(ed) a modernized AA-suite for the Soyuz with the 152-mm single-purpose turrets removed, the 37-mm guns replaced with fewer 45-mm quad mounts and the 100-mm replaced with the modern mounts as on Chapayev/Kutuzov as a smoother transition to the Pr. 24's load-out.


Tier X – Soviet Union


KREML, 1950

Name: «Citadel», named after the (Moscow) Kremlin

Type: Project 24 Battleship of 1950 mixed with the original 18-in guns toyed with for the Pr. 23

Primary Secondary Anti-Air
3×3 – 457-mm/55 – MK-1-50 8×2 – 130-mm/60 – BL-110 (dual-purpose) 12×4 – 45-mm/78 – SM-20-ZIF
16×4 – 25.4-mm/79 – 4M-120


The big one. Not much to say here as the design of the ship (apart from the choice of main battery) does not leave a lot of room for speculation/deviation.

Though I have to say that once again WG continues the tradition of dropping the ball on the naming of a Tier X battleship, after the original Großdeutschland Großer Kurfürst and France Republiqué unveilings (though both of their second tries there are great so here's hoping). While I can definitely see what they were going for with that name ("a floating fortress"), it still just doesn't really fit in the naming convention nor does it feel right. It makes as much sense as if there were a USS White House or a HMS Tower of London battleship. It also doesn't help that the average player would probably just butcher that down to "playing the Gremlin".

My personal suggestion still remains Krasnaya Zvezda i.e. Red Star which fits into the theming of ideological names (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Parizhskaya Kommuna, Sovetsky Soyuz) as well as being a "step above" the Sovetsky Soyuz. You'd go from the October Revolution at T5 to the Soviet Union at T9 to pure icon of Communism the Red Star at T10.

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