World of Warships

A collection of short and not so short stories about the Regia Marina in World War II.

WorldOfWarships5 - A collection of short and not so short stories about the Regia Marina in World War II.

…from a series of post I made on warshipporn over the last year. Perhaps it can be of interest here as well…

The sinking of the destroyer Espero, the first destroyer lost by the Regia Marina during World War II.

The sinking of the submarine Pietro Calvi and the story of two friends.

The last mission of the Italian destroyers in the Red Sea.

The tormented story of the submarine Perla, which after surviving a serious gas poisoning accident in 1940 reached France from the Red Sea with an adventurous voyage around Africa.

The eventful life of the destroyer Ugolino Vivaldi.

The destroyer Maestrale, a mine warfare story.

The convoluted story of the minelayer/minesweeper/submarine chaser/gunboat M 97/Orao/Vergada/Orao/Pionir/Zelengora, an ordinary small warship in the troubled 20th century.

Tifone, “the last torpedo boat to Tunis”

The sinking of the troopships Neptunia and Oceania by HMS Upholder.

The story of the hospital ship Po and the shipwreck of Mussolini’s daughter.

Not really a story as much as a curiosity about a bizarre weapon: flamethrower for submarines.


Story of the destroyer Giuseppe Sirtori, 1916-1943.

The submarine Comandante Cappellini and her commander Salvatore Todaro, “Baku the Wizard” or “the Don Quixote of the sea”.

Report about the sinking of the destroyer Libeccio, torpedoed by HMS Upholder on 9 November 1941, by Libeccio’s commander.

Story of the destroyer Audace, a “symbol ship”.

Diary of a cadet on the training ship Cristoforo Colombo, narrating the vicissitudes of that ship – and her sister Amerigo Vespucci – in the days following the armistice between Italy and the Allies.

The story of Macallè, the first Italian submarine lost in World War II.

The battle of the Tarigo Convoy.

Also, not about World War II:

The submarine rescue vessel Proteo, “the Unnameable”

The submarine Galileo Ferraris, Angelo Belloni, the first frogmen experiments and the strange story of the pearl-hunting submarine.

Read:  PSA we can't shoot ships we can't see. Smoke works both ways.

The loss of the submarine Jalea in World War I.

The other Espero and Gabriele D’Annunzio’s occupation of Fiume.

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