World of Warships

A CV Suggestion.

WorldOfWarships3 - A CV Suggestion.

The game currently represents an era without combat data systems so that to fire at a target a ship must acquire that target either visually or using radar or hydrosearch consumables.

Targets can also be acquired from friendly ship visibility and CV launched aircraft.

CV launched aircraft currently have:

(1) Fast transit time to and from the area of interest.

(2) Relatively long duration in the area of interest.

(3) With care a relatively high degree of safety when over the area of interest.

(4) A pretty much unrivalled scouting / spotting ability over the area of interest that enables every ship within range to shoot at any revealed target they have line of sight on.

(5) Should they choose those same aircraft can attack and either do significant damage themselves or cause significant damage to be done i.e. by forcing the exposure of broadside as a result of their own attack.

(6) Quick squadron turnaround = quick rinse and repeat of (1) to (5) above.

The CV launched aircraft that perform the above currently comprise three types; bomber, torpedo and rocket.

All of these are combat aircraft crewed by maybe 1 – 3 people (?) and with equipment suitable to their combat role. Their primary task as carrier borne combat aircraft is to get out to their target, unload on it then get back as quickly as possible to rearm, refuel and return. Their secondary role might be to report type, course, speed, approximate position of further targets for subsequent follow-up.

I submit that generally they would not have:


(a) The time, crew or equipment to provide ongoing, second by second reporting of the course speed and position of multiple targets so that ships that would otherwise be unaware of those targets could fire on them.

(b) Identify salvos fired by individual friendly ships, report their fall and provide corrections for those salvos again all on an ongoing basis.

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And complete their primary task.

I also submit that the combination of (1) thro (6) above is what leads to the perception that CV’s are overpowered in the game.

Therefore a possible solution maybe to remove the full spotting / scouting ability from all combat aircraft, they report their observations of enemy ships but continue with their primary combat mission i.e. what they see appears only on the minimap for every other ship on the team except the CV that owns those planes.

Invest the full spotting / scouting ability in a Recon Squadron launched from the CV, this could be slower but with longer duration, fly higher but have less vulnerability, and have self protection armament only.

The result of this would be that the CV was either in Recon mode or in Attack mode.

If in Recon Mode then targets revealed by the Recon Squadron can be fired at by friendly ships in range with line of sight as normal, but cannot be attacked by the CV's Recon Sqdn.

If in Attack Mode then other friendly ships would rely on acquiring their target visually or using hydro or radar or by friendly surface spotting. Any info gathered by the CV’s combat squadrons would then appear only on the minimap.

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