World of Warships

A faithful attempt at CV balancing without gutting the entire concept.

WorldOfWarships2 - A faithful attempt at CV balancing without gutting the entire concept.

I'm someone who is very anti carrier in games but there is no realistic chance of them ever being completely removed so here is my attempt at balancing them.

1 CV spotting should be minimap only. Its moronic why it won't be changed and everybody has been saying it but it would fix one of the single biggest issues with the class right now being their spotting potential against DD's

2 DefAA/fighter should make you a no fly zone. I really hate the entire notion of the first strike getting through unless the CV is a complete potato but it's a nightmare balancing situation that I would not want to be in. The one stipulation would be that it would have to be active for a bit before the planes come in to completely destroy the squadron. You could make it so that fighters will kill the whole squadron before it drops since it's easy to spot for the CV and he won't fly into a ship that is actively using it DefAA could allow the strike through but would basically destroy the squadron. Either that or it would keep the aiming reticule at the maximum size like it did in RTS days.

3 Cv are way to survivable and not the floating fireworks factory they historically were when conducting flight operations. Getting hit with any kind of sustained amount of time should be a death sentence. If a CV somehow let a destroyer get all the way through the map and in gun and spotting range he should be dead. No other class can be that far out of position and survive CV. As for CV v CV sniping that shouldn't be as major of an issue since in this world fighters are extremely useful but it could still take a decent chunk out of your ship though roughly 20% hp would be fair.


4 Replace rocket planes with something else, depth charge planes (when subs are released) mine laying planes (similar to how they worked on Dunkirk). Even having separate AP and HE bombers wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if they were tuned down. (Current HE dive bomber ships would have poor but usable AP bombers and vice versa)

5 Some counterarguments to issues people might have

-899 div wouldn't really work in deleting the enemy carrier at the start because of minimap spotting unless the CV literally sits in place all game which if he does he deserves to die. Try doing that in any other ship.

-Exact balancing for up and down tiered ships is a "I have no idea" from me the defaa/fighter I'm only one person though maybe giving CV +1-1 matchmaking would help that.

-A CV shouldn't spend much of the game spotted by enemies and if it does especially from a DD or cruiser that got close it should be dead. The biggest issue here is that while chasing down an unspotted CV in your destroyer by the time you finally spot it it has been sending rockets your way for the better part of 3 minuets and you are probably close to dead.

-This does create an issue of CVs unable to do a ton to destroyers other then minimap spotting but teammates should be helping a CV being rushed by a DD plus HE bombs can still land a hit or 2

-Halland might be a bit broken with all these changes but that's what individual buffs/nerfs are for

Sorry for the wall of text CV have been really angering me lately and I'm not a great player so maybe all of what I'm suggesting is stupid and broken but if it is I'd like to know why.

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