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A few words on CVs from a freshwater CV player

WorldOfWarships5 - A few words on CVs from a freshwater CV player

I know, this is a post about carriers, it is bound to be downvoted on principle because it talks about CVs, but I'm doing this anyway because I believe there are people with a working head who browse this subreddit, and with whom it is possible to discuss game-related stuff.

Pre-rework, my experience with CVs was limited – I used the Bogue as a clubber (1-1-0 deck, not the ASis***_cancer meme deck), and Ryuujou more seriously as I found it to be very capable due to its friendly strike-oriented deck.

Post-rework, it took me quite some time to start getting involved with CVs, and of course like everyone else I had my moments of pure rage against carriers. However, when I got interested during the Naval Aviation campaign, I had time to gradually understand a few things.

First, "true" CV experience begins with Tier 6. The Tier 4 carriers are laughably weak but then again so is the AA of most Tier 3-4 ships, so I guess it's a fair balance.

Second, at Tier 6 and 8 I've noticed the same pattern – top tier, and with the right circumstances I can do many dirty things to the red ships; bottom tier, and I'm mostly relegated to making DD lives miserable (if they do not make MINE miserable as there's a few DDs out there with scary AA, such as Kidd and Grozovoi) or look for stragglers that did not join the main blob (more on that later). Also, this seems to be the common situation for CVs – top or bottom, feast or famine, one extreme or the other, with nothing in-between (I guess that's the result of CV lines only having even numbers).

Third, the "blob meta". I've noticed that players have adapted to the constant CV presence in matches, and usually the following happens – most of the fleet will gather on one flank, overlapping their AA auras and becoming far too much for planes to attack (unless one is willing to throw away a squadron, and none of my CVs have this luxury), while a few are left behind on the other flank. Needless to say, it's far easier and safer to go after the latter than try and strike the "blob".

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Fourth, the upcoming launch delay nerf. People complain a lot about how much spotting power a carrier has, and they are correct. Also, a quick strike early game can actually panic a team and make them hesitate or pick the wrong side, even if the strike itself does not result in any frags or even high damage. With the launch delay, all of this will be gone and so both sides will be able to form the "blob" mostly unopposed (unless for some reason they idle in the spawn for too long). Tier 4 is perhaps the exception, but Tier 4 CV planes are painfully slow anyway.

tl;dr – this post is incomplete because I have yet to experience CV gameplay at Tier 10, but so far the impression I get is that carriers have gone through a significant change – in the RTS era, the better CV more or less decided the match in advance, whereas now carriers are a tool of disruption and harrassment for same-higher tier ships, and seal clubbers for lower tiers.

In the end, I very much doubt the community will ever reach a consensus on this class, though personally I believe that, while not without its issues, the CV rework did not bring about the apocalypse, it just brough more CVs into the queue. And personally, I'd rather deal with them as they are now than suffer the outrageous clubbing of the RTS era.

Feel free to drop a comment if you want to say something on the matter, though if it's blind hatred and little else, just downvote and go read something else.

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