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WorldOfWarships5 - A guide to Twilight Battles

Hopefully some of you can get some use out of this, but as usual, I suspect a large portion of readers here on Reddit won't…

They also put down tips and stuff in the ship descriptions in the announcement post, but I'll go into better detail on how to play the ships.

Anyways! Since we have about two weeks (?) left with the WoWs pseudo-MOBA mode, I figure that it'd be somewhat worth to write down all the tips and tricks I've learned playing with the Twilight Battle ships.

First, general tips. Starting with consumables:

As per the pre-battle briefing, there are three consumable types: green, yellow, and red. They mean various things, but this is the main take-away:

-Green: heal self and/or others. If you see this on enemy ships, well, yeah, that's that. For your team's purposes, however, there are a few important team-heals, which I'll get to later. But this is a large part of the game mode itself, because a ship gets many second chances because of all these heals.

-Red: 'vampirism'. If you see this on enemy ships, just know that they're benefiting from fighting you. And of course, if you have such a consumable, it means to use it while you're in the middle of fighting enemy ships.

Note that any healing effects double if your team has less ships.

-Yellow: The most important one. For most ships, it's the ram button. Yes, I said the ram button. Invincibility is such a valuable aspect, not just for surviving what might kill you, but more importantly, killing others through damage that can't be healed. And secondly, it's your oh shit, oh shit, I'm gonna die button. Use it if you're about to die. Lastly, for the invincibility consumables, they are your 'extra hitpoints', the secondary effects don't really matter, don't pay attention to those effects, they only help serve the previously stated usage cases, don't use them otherwise (unless you have a Steel Rat throwing extra charges at you, then be more liberal with usage).

Great. That's general consumable knowledge out of the way.

Now for general tactics.

It is very much a team-based game mode, mainly because of team-heals. Some ships are more support than others, and you should know your ship. A team that heals each other or support-heals their offensive ships will win, and if your ship has a team-heal consumable, you should aim to maximize its usage as would benefit your teammates, unless you really, really need that heal (Octopi players…).

However, team composition can't always be helped, so the actual primary directive to work by is kill individual enemies quickly. Focus fire will down ships quickly enough, and so targets should be called out for focus fire. As well, some ships are more suitable for extreme damage dealing than others. More on this later.

And while team play is important, don't cluster up too hard. That just makes it easier for a player who knows what they're doing to take out multiple of you, whether through torps or a well-timed ram charge. Ideal team spacing is about 3-5km, enough for Leviathans to cover each other.

Consumable usage is important! You have to strategically time their use for maximum effect, heals especially. Invincibility too- it really requires you pay attention to incoming shots, as to get every second out of the invincibility's active time.

Also for ships with invincibility, islands are your friend. You want to get close to enemy ships for an ambush to use that ram button, ideally having as much hitpoints as possible before you expose yourself. And make sure your damage control is ready to go, or else you will embarassingly die of flooding once your invincibility runs out.

And if you see an enemy ship with invincibility, do what you can to ignore it (for the most part, exceptions later). You're just wasting shots and time, until their consumable deactivates. And if they're trying to ram you, turn around and run.

And on both sides, invincibility is a two-way street. While the ram button is tempting, try not to target the enemy ship with its own ram button… it's just wasting your effort, unless you know it's down. At least try to bait out the invincibility with torps.

You should not try to trade your ship for a 1:1. At least try for 1:1.5, in which that second half is killable by your team in relatively short order.

Concealment doesn't matter for BBs. It can matter for the cruisers, but not so much. It can be useful on DDs, but 100% matters on the Ghoul.

Lastly, please be mindful of the Filth. The ring is always closing, and it does damage to you.

And now for specific ships. I will describe them primarily through their consumables, which really defines their playstyle.


I'm starting with the Octopus because it feels like 90% of Octopus players are terrible at it. Also, for some inexplicable reason, they switched around the consumable layout from every other cruiser in the game.

  • Consumable 1: your heal your radar. It lasts 15s and reaches a huge portion of the map. You get 6 radar charges. Use this against DDs, obviously. Try to use it if you haven't seen the enemy DDs for a while, because they're going to be sneaking around somewhere to torp you. It's primarily a scouting and deterrant tool. Because of all of the healing going around, it's harder to use as a killing tool, but still a valid use.

  • Consumable 2: your radar your heal. It's a burst heal, granting 10k hp to all of your teammates. Use it for any teammates that are about to die. Basically, don't be an id*ot and lose your hitpoints by broadsiding in front of Leviathans at the start, and utilize Leviathan heals as much as possible before resorting to using it as a selfish heal for yourself.

Captain skills: PT, PM, EL, JoAT, EM, AR (probably unnecessary, but I'm not re-specing), DE, SI, IFHE

It's a Mogami that should aim to stay in the back row as a support ship, long-range HE spamming the BBs, and of course any opportunistic shots at the other ships. THE BURST HEALS ARE VALUABLE, SO STOP USING THEM ON YOURSELVES, SO STOP GETTING SHOT AT/KILLED EARLY.

Octopi annoy me a lot, because of the curious combination of having a lot of annoying offensive aspects (HE spam, radar), and being driven by players that can't maximize its burst heal, because they get whacked for a ton of hp at the start, then just start using it on themselves. Unless they're outright deleted. But a good Octopus player is especially annoying, because they're able to support their offensive ships immensely, by providing that extra bit of hp when they're almost down. You think you got a DD killed? Nope, back to full hp.

A solid support ship with decent enough offensive powers.


  • Consumable 1: heals itself and teammates within a 5km radius. So you want to have teammates around you because you want to also help them out. Two Leviathans can sustain a team incredibly.

  • Consumable 2: aim hax. Guns get zero dispersion for one shot. Use it against broadsiding noobs/anyone making a mistake, and ideally delete them. But 9 out of 9 pens isn't terrible either (until they just get healed back up to full hp). Also helpful against DDs rushing you.

Read:  PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE HOOD'S FUSE TIMER!!! Or at least not without buffing the shell penetration too.

Captain skills: PM, High Alert, JoAT, EM, AR (again, unnecessary probably), Basics of Surv., SI, FP

It's a North Carolina that's primarily a mid-range fighter with its 13km range, and should be bow-in or angled away from other Leviathans. It's a powerful support ship with fairly powerful, consistent offense. Try not to get too close to the enemy if you don't have to.

Its primary issue is getting rammed. Poor Leviathans, targets of fun.


The first 'offense-oriented' ship you get, and the most fun ship in Twilight Battles, no argument. And it's all because of its consumable setup, geared towards offennsive usage. Especially the first one:

  • Consumable 1: THE SHIP-TO-TORPEDO CONVERSION BUTTON. It lasts 30 seconds, which gives a lot of time to make use of it. You don't take damage exceeding your hitpoints– it means very specific things (which most players should have noticed by now). Oh, and it's a speed boost. That kind of matters, because you want to be a fast torpedo.

The thing about this consumable is that it's a bit of a tricky one. It's an invincibility button… to an extent. It's more like extra hitpoints, because the invincibility doesn't actually kick in until you're almost dead, at which point other sources of damage will do too much damage to, well, do any damage. That's what the consumable's defintion means. Meaning, as long as you got a decent chunk of hitpoints, enemy hits are still going to do damage. So don't use it if you've got a lot of hitpoints left, you're only wasting the consumable's active time- and 30 seconds is a lot of active time, so stretch out your 'extra hitpoints' as much as possible.

It's also a speed boost. But don't use it as a speed boost, unless you're charging in to ram a ship. It's too valuable to use as just a speed boost. The speed is there to get you to your target faster… or get you out of danger faster once you're on your last hitpoints.

If you're on fire, though, and you haven't healed… well, goodbye, once your invincibility runs out. So this is an exception to the 'don't shoot the invincible ship' to an extent.

  • Consumable 2: the concealment button. Yes, it heals you, and you should use it if you really need to, but its true value is turning the Ghoul into a 2.9km detectable torpedo. You use it to get close and then blap the enemy team with a broadside of torpedoes, as well as with the Ghoul. It's also useful for getting out of danger if under fire and you've stopped firing your guns… provided there's no Octopus to radar you.

Captain skills: PT, PM, AR, Last Stand, SE, SI, DE, CE

Terror Benson is a blast. I'd say the playstyle is just turning your brain off, but it still requires a bit of tactics. I guess, more of turning your survival instincts off and just going for it. While it's the DD that can stealth torp the best in Twilight Battles, and its torp salvoes are absolutely valuable, most Bensons don't realize the true potential of their consumable setup.


My record is a full 7 kills with 4 rams, by the way, with double ram kills per consumable use. One of which was a Rasputin, and the other was a Steel Rat.


Quite frankly, I haven't played it a lot. Doesn't intrest me, so I can't say much about it. But I'll say what I can. It's really more of a support-offense ship, serving as a distraction. But you can still make plays with it.

  • Consumable 1: turns your ship completely the other direction and heals you for 2000 hitpoints. It's a useful tool for juking shots and dodging torps. Use it if you're about to run into torps, or to juke a cruiser/DD launching torps, especially in a brawl. And, of course, a burst heal. Only for yourself though.

  • Consumable 2: screws with enemy dispersion against your ship. Once you activate this consumable, their shots will go all over the place trying to hit you. Useful for trolling other ships and wasting their time. Brave captains can use it to rush towards ships for torp runs.

Captain skills: PT, PM, Last Stand, SE, SI, DE, and whatever else you want.

Yeah, this Kiev doesn't really seem the most useful. Gunboating is a nice harassment tool, and it can fight DDs well, but it just seems poor at the actual killing thing. Torps are still horrendously short ranged, so ambushes are a must.


Brawly ship. Secondaries and stuff. Likes to be close to the enemy, if not in the middle of their fleet.

  • Consumable 1: its ram button. Lasts 15 seconds. Not nearly as easy to use because it's a big ship, but the consumable also serves to improve the ship's maneuverability, helping it accomplish its ramming. Also good for surviving torp salvoes, and of course, in general, extra hitpoints if you need it.

  • Consumable 2: 'brawl to stay alive' button; self-heal, heal gets stronger the more enemies within 5km. Another reason why you should try to not cluster up too much, because it's in the advantage of ships like the Varg. Anyways, this consumable encourages you to brawl.

Captain skills: PM, Basics of Surv., JoAT, SI, DE, ManSecs, FP

I don't really have much to say about Bismarck here; it's the same tanky ship it normally is with extra gimmicks. It's… pretty straightforward. Very strong if supported by team heals. Gun range is a measely 11km, and gun accuracy is pitiful anyways, so you're just going to be close-range as much as you can.

But again- the goal of the game is to kill individual ships as quickly as possible, and Varg puts itself in the middle of the focus. If you don't have support, you will go down soon enough. So don't charge ahead too quickly. Make sure some heals are in place to support you, preferably some bow-in Leviathans. Do, however, make sure to get to the fight in front of your team… because you're not getting much use out of your consumables otherwise.


Personally, my favorite ship. Not as fun as the Ghoul, but it is a monster of a ship. Mid-range fighter, but powerful if it can charge in at the right time. This is a ship that you can play solo, and is powerful on the offense.

I'm actually going to start with weapon stats, because they're a very notable point on this ship.

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It has a 12 second turret rotation time. Yes, it turns its turrets fast. Not just that, but an 8 second reload. It has heavy cruiser guns with a fairly fast reload.

More importantly, it has 3 torps per side that reload in 15 seconds. You can spam torps, and the torps have very good angles too, forward and back. And that's very, very valuable.

  • Consumable 1: shoot others to heal. You get 1000 hitpoints per shot landed. While useful for general healing purposes, ideally you want to use its 30 second uptime to get closer to the enemy while healing yourself off of them. 1000 hitpoints per hit is a fairly powerful heal.

  • Consumable 2: the ram button; alternatively, the 'FIGHT ME' button. It has a 15 second uptime. Any damage you should be taking while it is active heals you for that damage instead. So if you're not using it for ramming, ideally use it if you've got a Leviathan about to aim hack your citadel (and especially if their shots are mid-air), or in general getting focused and have no other way to heal.

  • Consumable 3: hydro. It's hydro. Useful, actually, but nothing special about it.

Captain skills: PT, PM, JoAT, Last Stand (your rudder gets shot out a lot), SE, SI, DE, CE (was a personal choice)

Scary Martel has a consumable setup built for giving it almost a minute of fighting time. Get in close while healing with the vampirism, then go in for the ram and heal all other damage on you with the second consumable. Any panic torps headed your way also help.

It's a cruiser, though, which makes it quite squishy, and you really have to time the invincibility correctly, because you might just get deleted by a BB if you hold back too long during your offensive charge into their fleet.

Also, don't forget the 15 second torpedoes. Spam those while charging in. They'll be reloaded by the time you're right up next to the enemy for another set of torp launches.

Very strong against almost all of the other ships. AP broadside cruisers to death, burn and torp BBs, and hydro to defend against DD torps, as well as throwing torps at DDs too, because for some reason they don't always expect it. Also ram everything.

A good Scarab player can almost solo half the enemy fleet. And the entire fleet with heal support.

Steel Rat

The ultimate support ship. Team medic. Okay at fighting, but really, you should be back with your team. It maneuvers like a brick and has kinda poor concealment.

  • Consumable 1: TEAMMATE NEEDS HEALING button. It allows you to target teammates and heal them for 1000 hp per hit, which also heals yourself by 500 hp. It has 20 seconds of uptime and increases your rate of fire immensely to help with that task.

  • Consumable 2: smoke. It's a crawling smoke, like Perth's, with low smoke cloud time, but long consumable active time.

  • Consumable 3: consumables for everybody! Gives teammates within 5km an extra consumable charge. Use it about five seconds after battle start, or else the game weirds out and might not register the consumable activation. And don't forget to use it throughout the battle.

Captain skills: PT, PM, JoAT, Last Stand, SE, SI, DE, CE (personal choice, helpful)

So Maass (?) here is a bit of an odd one out. It's a support, so your success depends entirely on your teammates. Which is a bit bothersome if you're just playing randoms, but powerful with coodinated team members. More so with more Steel Rats.

Its offensive capabilities are… workable, but not really a high point of the ship. Still, smoke gives it some ability to still get close and work on the enemy, as well as launch torps.

And it turns like a brick, so be careful of torps/potential sources of torps.

If you're being shot by a friendly Steel Rat, stop freaking out. They're helping. Except for the loud banging noises of shell impacts. That can't be helped, sorry.


Ah yes, finally you get to play as the Russian Halloween Bias mobile. Well, it's trickier than that, actually.

  • Consumable 1: vampirism again. Heals by 50% of damage you deal, 20 or 30 second (?) active time. It's actually a bit tricky to use effectively. Preferably in brawls where you'll have extended broadside time against targets. Try not to use opportunistically, it's kind of wasteful.

  • Consumable 2: prevents enemies from using any of their consumables (which does include damage control party). Tricky to use, scary effective when timed correctly. The 'consumable stun' lasts for 15s (?). Use it to screw with any enemy ships attempting to charge in. Quite frankly, it's the best counter against the ramming ships, because they'll be unable to use their invincibility. I don't think it cancels any consumable in usage from experience, but I could be wrong.

Captain skills: ALL OF THE ENDURANCE SKILLS (except ManSecs; also, Expert Loader probably better than Priority Target) and SI.

Imperator Bias is a tough ship to use, because it does very specific things that are difficult to gauge. It does come with its massive 200k hitpoint pool, which it will need, because it loves to be burned down. It really relies on team heals because it cannot sustain itself at all.

The ship serves as a shot magnet, primarily. It's tough to kill normally, requiring either good Leviathan shots, good torps, or just a long time pounding it to death with stacked fires (and flooding if possible). Or a well-timed ram by a Ghoul/Varg/Scarab if the ram button can't be blocked…

And that's Twilight Battles! I hope WoWs can keep this mode around in some form. It's really a ton of mindless fun.

Wouldn't mind a ranked season with it honestly…

Twilight Battles Ranked Sprint when?

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