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A List of Possible Future Lines That Will/May Be Added to WoWs

WorldOfWarships2 - A List of Possible Future Lines That Will/May Be Added to WoWs

Apparently there are around 30 trees that may get added to the game and I thought that this would make an interesting topic. Fire at will.

US Navy

  • Alternative DD Branch: A line that consists of Benham-like early type DD designs of US Navy with members like: Bagley, Gridley, modified Somers and Porter classes.
  • Alternative BB Branch: Very popular these days. Florida(4),Oklahoma(5), Pennsylvania(6), Tennessee(7), South Dakota(8), Some Iowa preliminary(9), SoDak1920(10)
  • Alternative CV Branch: We all know it's coming: Independence, Yorktown and Essex
  • Submarine(SS) Branch: It's already here.

Japan | Imperial Japanese Navy/Nippon Kaigun

  • Alternative BB Branch: Likely to include a BB form Hyuga(6), Kii class Owari, Tosa and Number13 (aka Super-Nagato).
  • CL/Aviation cruisers Branch: Takao(Healless Atago) replaces Mogami in the CA tree. Agano, Oyodo, Mogami(155) and some projects make up a tree.
  • Alternative CV Branch: We know it: Zuiho, Hiryu and Taiho.
  • Submarine tree: We all know it.

Italy | Regia Marina

  • BB tree: We are all in wait to play the Vittorio Veneto. Prediction: Dante Alighieri(3), Conte di Cavour/1915(4), Andrea Doria/1916(5), Caracciolo(6), Design1933 Battlecruiser(7), Vittorio Veneto(8), UP41(9), Some WG invention(10)
  • DD tree: A tree made of Ognevoi-like 2×2 destroyers. Prediction: Sauro(4), Folgore(5), Maestrale(6), Oriani(7), Carabiniere(8), Milano(9) and Impetuoso(10) with Scipione Africano(Soldati), Leone and Navigatori classes as premiums.
  • Submarine tree: Yep, that may come too.


  • CV tree: For the glory of motherland and her kozmos.
  • Submarine tree: For the glory of motherland's bathtub.

Germany | Kaiserliche Marine/Kriegsmarine

  • CV tree: They did indeed have a number of projects enough for it.
  • Submarine tree: Because it would be a sin not to add it.
  • Alternative BB/Battlecruiser branch: Yep, we all want it: Von der Tann(3), Moltke(4), Derfflinger(5), Mackensen(6), L20(7), and some Bismarck preliminaries as well as a premium Seydlitz(5).

UK | Royal Navy

  • Altenative BB/Battlecruiser branch: Because fuck yes. Invincible(3), Princess Royal(4), Tiger(5), Renown(6), Admiral/Hood(7), J3(8), G3(9), N3(10).
  • Submarine tree: Yep, we know it will come.

France | Marine Nationale

  • Alternative DD branch: A more traditional torpedoboat tree. I didn't make a list for this though they have enough number of DDs that would be topped up with Le Hardi and T47 classes.
  • Submarine tree: Because they did have one.

Commonwealth | Australia-Canada-New Zealand

  • DD tree: That will come eventually. My prediction: Success(3), Waterhen(4), Saguenay(5), Ottawa(6), Nizam(7), Athabascan(8), Anzac(9), Vendetta(10).
  • Cruiser tree: Well, they had a large number of cruisers but not t9 and t10 material so very likely to be completed with Goliath/Minotaur-like projects. Pelorus(3), Melbourne(4), ?(5), Sydney(6), Ontario(7), Bellona(8). Bellona is 4×2 Dido unlike the traditional 5×2 | Also, Shropshire as t7 premium.


Now this is where it gets weird and unpredicted. Since I was expecting to have Sweden to appear as its own nation(as well as Netherlands), now my predictions are very uncertain and blur. An European tree is certain to include Netherlands and Norway, but I have no clue what will happen with Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia and Romania(Maybe some sort of Balkan thing?). I'll just make a list of ships of these nations and WILL NOT make out a prediction. Also some of these destroyers DO NOT HAVE TORPEDO ARMAMENT AT ALL:

  • Alternative DD tree(s):

  • Netherlands: Evertsen(4), Tromp(5), Isaac Sweers(7), Holland(8)

  • Norway: Arendal(Hunt II class)(7), Narvik(Hunt III class), Svenner or Stord(6)

  • Romania: Regele Ferdinand(7)

  • Yugoslavia: Beograd(5), Split(6), Kotor(7)

  • Greece: Keravnos(5), Hydra(5), Vasilefs Georgios(6), Kriti(7), Doxa(8), Velos(9)-Fletcher museum, Miaoulis(10)

  • Turkey: Zafer(5), Demirhisar(6), Alp Arslan(7), Gelibolu(8), Iskenderun(9), Gayret(10)-Gearing museum

Pan America

  • CL tree: We all know its coming. Some prediction: Veinticinco de Mayo(5), La Argentina(6), Almirante Tamandare(7), General Belgrano(8), Almirante Grau(9)-Possibly a dakka
  • DD tree: All south american countries had shitton of DDs imported from industrial countries.
  • BB tree: I'm aware of actual ships up to t6 and projects up to t8.

Spain Yes, Spain

  • CL/CA tree: Blas de Lezo(4), Navarra(5), Almirante Cervera(6), Canarias(7), and some projects made by Ansaldo etc.
  • DD tree: And a very distinctive one. Except few, all Spanish destroyers are homemade designs: Alsedo(3), Bustamante(Huesca class)(4), Huesca(Alsedo class)(5), Jose Luiz Diez(6), Ulloa(7), Liniers(8), Lepanto(9), Oquendo(10)

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