World of Warships

A look at statistics from the Republic Tokens event

WorldOfWarships4 - A look at statistics from the Republic Tokens event

Hello there!

I'm the creator of the Frenchwhaling (and Steelwhaling) website that was used for the 0.8.6 "French Destroyers" event. Basically the event where WG makes you play every damn ship you own.

As promised, I have anonymised all data and queried some interesting statistics from it. You'll find a full infographic (sadly it doesn't look as fancy as WGs do) below as well.

Some Disclaimers first

I am a software engineer. I am not a data scientist, mathematician or anything close to it. I might interpret data in the wrong way. The graphs might not be in the perfect way to present them. Also, yes, the style of this post is a blatant rip-off of the weekly stats Lowlight. Why? because I love those posts.

Let's get into the actual data.

tiywcudoosh31 - A look at statistics from the Republic Tokens event

  • Data was collected from July 25th to August 20th.
  • A total of 5,605 users registered on the website.
  • We did it, reddit! We earned close to 3 million Republic Tokens during the event.
  • Completely ignoring global warming, we farmed close to 31 million Coal.

You whales made me proud. 724 Mogadors were purchased. If you assume that each of them costs around 15,000 dubloons, we paid 37,676.96€ for a silver ship. Remember that our sample size here is 5,600 users (which, however, are more likely to own a Mogador because they decided to track their progress).

  • Collectively, we played a bit over a million battles. 324,060 of them resulted in either Coal or Republic Tokens.
  • Nobody likes their random team mates, so 60% of the battles for resources were played in Co-op (compared to 30% total).
  • People really did not care about Coal. Most people sit between 0 to 20% of Coal earned.
  • People really, really cared about the Tokens, though. 638 players earned 100% of their Republic Tokens, with the majority of players earning anywhere from 62 to 100% of their tokens.
  • In fact, people like Tokens so much that a total of 18,203 ships were added to players' ports and then used to earn resources.
  • Love is in the air: a lucky owner of the Mogador already played 252 battles in her.
  • On another note, to nobody's surprise the Jaguar was the most common french DD to be awarded to players. 3484 Jaguars.
  • More people own a Mogador than a Le Fantasque.

The weird bits

  • I don't know why, but a player on the asian server really likes to bot play their Salem. 2432 battles. In Co-op.
  • The same player also played 981 battles with Flint.
  • Another bot player completed a total of 3965 battles in Co-op.
  • People love the Jean Bart. Don't ask me why, but they do. It was the most played ship for over a hundred players.

Various trivia

  • Not many of the 5,605 were privacy aware: only 486 clicked on the "Privacy Policy" link to find out how evil I am.
  • Out of around 12,500 logins only 248 did not trust me and click the "Cancel" button.
  • I had to work through roughly 3GB of raw data for ships only.
  • Additionally, an event stream produced 344,672 entries that were processed.
  • The frenchwhaling website was opened 385,000 times.
  • The infrastructure (want to see how it works?
    frenchwhaling - A look at statistics from the Republic Tokens event
    check it out on GitHub) cost me $86.59 up until now.
  • I received six gifts from the Premium Shop. Thank you for your generosity!

I hope this little statistics insight was a nice read, I know it's not your usual shitpost but some people asked me to share details of the event.

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