World of Warships

A message to CV players, and to everyone else by extension…

WorldOfWarships5 - A message to CV players, and to everyone else by extension...

Dear players of warships,

Congratulations, you've found yourself at the top of the scoreboard at the end of a loosing match again! Frustrated, look at how you played first. Did you:

  • Sit at the back of the map at full health in a BB farming damage on other BBs?
  • Not attempt to cap or spot in a DD ever throughout a match?
  • Not use your consumables to help your team in a cruiser (Radar and Hydro specifically)?
  • Let the enemy CV molest your DDs by choosing to farm damage on enemy battleships instead of attempting to help them in a CV?
  • Favor farming damage on healthy ships rather than shooting at a lower health ship?
  • Completely abandon a flank to sail across the entire map?

If you are regularly performing these actions in game, YOU MIGHT BE, AND PROBABLY ARE the reason why you are doing so well personally, but continue to loose. Yes damage is good, when done to the right targets. 5,000 damage to a DD is infinitely more valuable to your team and towards increasing your chances of victory that 30,000 damage to a BB with 100,000 health. This is a team game, and earning points for your team (capping, denying cap progress, and getting kills) are far more helpful than farming a bunch of meaningless damage with no kills to back it up.

Some helpful things that you as an individual can do to help your team win are:

  • BB: Tank tons of damage and land large chunks of permanent AP damage to enemy targets, providing area denial
  • CA/CL: Help your team finish off low targets and support your destroyers, scare away enemy DDs, provide AA, Hydro, and Radar Support to objectives.
  • DD: Smoke for your team if you have it (but make sure to spot for them after blocking their line of sight), provide area denial with torps, spot enemy ships, contest caps, and hunt down enemy DDs (if in a gunboat DD).
  • CV: Take out low health targets first, dislodge ships hiding behind islands, spot and harass enemy DDs, if the enemy CV is hunting down your DDs, provide fighters support to the best of your ability.
  • Everyone: Shoot what your DDs are spotting, especially if it is a high value target like a DD, radar cruiser, or low health target (DD spotting is useless without a team that shoots what they are spotting), call out when a ship has used its damage control if you can spare a second it chat – this enables a team to easily burn down a target with multiple permanent fires, support weak flanks and don't hang in the back when a flank needs help, DON'T TORP FRIENDLY SHIPS (THIS IS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT).

Remember, World of Warships is a team game, and the more we work together, the more interesting and fun our games can become for everyone.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far,


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