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A. Nevsky is amazing!

WorldOfWarships3 - A. Nevsky is amazing!

After the Soviet cruiser line split, I spent some amount of FXP to add just another TX to my port. Then I built for IFHE, played around 10 battles and let her become dusty in my port (well actually didn't like dispersion).

Only recently I discovered the true potential of this ship, and she is becoming my favourite cruiser. It all started when our clan struggled to pass into Typhoon League, because one of our clanmates were playing Smolensk around enemy Petro's radar range and constantly setting them on fire, and actually that was great counter to Petro untill we reached Storm, group I. At that group, we started facing experienced enemy clans, who knew what is real thread for them and how to deal with it (Smolensk). The other 2 issues were scary AA of Halland, which was shredding our MVR's planes, and enemg Goliath to counter our Petro's. Then one clanmate suggested me to play Nevsky instead of Smolensk, I had to support my team by setting fires on enemy Petro, fight Goliath with the help of my superior DPM and ballistics, and hunt enemy Halland using Radio Location skill and 12 km radar with just 12.8 km concealment. Well, I rebuilt her for non-IFHE and RPF, and OMG! This ship is a beast and somewhat overpowered compared to counterparts.


Her DPM is much higher than most of the cruisers in the game and if they don't have over 30mm armor, Mevsky just laughs at them (Des Moines, Hindenburg, Henri IV etc.). She has high speed and shell velocity that you don't have much issue hitting enemy cruisers while dodging their shells. Even if they have over 30mm armor, like Petro and Stalingrad, Nevsky's fire chance is enough to melt them withing short poriod of time, when they decide not to disengage and retreat. Sure, she is not that great fire starter like Smolensk, Colbert and Worcester, but efficiency is higher, because they need island or smoke screen cover to shoot, but Nevsky starts shooting at the start of the match and finishes till she dies or match ends, and most of the shells that you fire hit the target thanks to high shell velocity. And finally, the another imprtant thing to mention is that she has the most powerful radar in the game. If you go towards where RPF show the enemy DD is at 36 knts, there is nowhere for that DD to hide. Just wait for 5 sec after you are detected, then activate radar and hydro and massacre DDs.

For those who newly started the game I recommend grinding Nevsky line, I could't really find anything bad in this ship. Start building your commander with PT, AR, DE, CE and then SI, this 13 pt commander is enough to play and enjoy this ship. If you have 19 pts, then add RPF and PM.

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